Jun 3, 2012


I told you last week that I made my first bread. And I was really excited to share it with you. I followed the instructions to the letter. It was a flop. Since it was a flop, let me not tell you where the recipe was from. It tasted ok. It looked nothing like a bread. It was depressing.

The edges look kinda hard, don't they? They were. Not crisp. Hard. And the bread was really bland and it did not rise at all. Sad.  I honestly cannot figure out what went wrong. I measured the flour with the right technique. I whisked and baked for the right time. I suspect I need a Kitchen-Aid or Cuisinart because most bloggers use them and I'm not sure the recipes are calibrated for hand mixing. Lets see.
But a huge thanks to the person who ate it. The hubs finished the whole thing. There was not much to finish considering it was made with a mini-loaf pan but still.. I sometimes think my husband is a testament to my awesome dental skills considering he can chew through anything.
He reminds me of this TVC. Hopefully there will be a better story next week! And a better bread!

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