Jun 25, 2012

Blinged out!

Do you guys remember when I used to be obsessed with jewelry? No? It was long back. Anyhow, with a birthday coming up (in two months , hence plenty of time to save up), I have been eyeing some pretty designs. What, you thought I was all about clothes?


These earrings are so gorgeous. With my big flappy ears,( I kid ,I  kid),  I love when there is a little drop attached. And I hate drops which are bald at the top and huge at the bottom. This seems like an ideal combination.
The best part is, I can customize it to yellow gold, 18k, like I want it. The earrings are from Anjolee. They are an online store with a fantastic collection of customizable diamond jewelry.
Here is my selection after customizing it.

Gorgeous, right?
Here are a few other pieces from Anjolee that I loved.  They have a great selection of diamond tennis bracelets with every cut available. And a huge selection of traditional and modern diamond stud earrings and diamond hoops.

from $1218

from $629

from $213

Click on the images to shop and browse through the collection.

As always big bucks = more care. So insist on a third party diamond certification to get the best diamonds for your budget.

So, what is a good enough budget for a nice birthday treat, in your opinion. And for what occasions would you buy fine jewelry? And what is your favourite diamond store?

P.S: Please bear with me as I take a one week blogging break for final prep for my exams. I will be back next friday. See you guys then!

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of customized silver CZ earrings from the store to review the customization capabilities of the site. The review is about the shopping experience only and I do not speak for the quality of the diamonds.

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