May 17, 2012

What I'm wearing to Cannes!

First of all, I'm really humbled and thankful for all your support and warmth in the last post. Also, a very enthusiastic hello to all the new readers! Welcome!
With that out of the way, on a lighter note, its sad that my Spaghetti and Veggie meatballs drowned in the depth of the last post. So, please take a moment and give this very tasty dish its moment in the spotlight! You will not regret it.
Now onwards to the post. So, no of course I'm not going to Cannes. So, swallow the huge AS IF! in your mind and join me in dreaming.

I love Roland Mouret. Despite seeing Kim Kardashian stuffed in it. *shudders* Anyway, this gown with the beautiful origami-esque folds on top and an elegant flow in the bottom is just so wonderful. And coral looks beautiful on my imaginary red carpets. In reality though, coral is a great colour for darker skin tones. The back of the dress has a beautiful zipper as opposed to the VB ones whose back zippers are starting to look really weird these days. And a very elegant black back tie. I think it keeps the dress from getting too feminine. For shoes , Jimmy Choo's crystal embellished strappy sandals to tie in with the black in the dress. And for clutch, nothing could be more perfect than the Charlotte Olympia perspex clutch. It has coral and orange feather which keeps the look from being too monotone.

What do you think? Love it or hate it? And what would you wear to the Cannes if you were L'Oreal's spokesperson?

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