May 10, 2012

Blog feature - Meet Cathy!

Showcasing other bloggers is such a fun thing to do, that I'm turning it into a regular feature. Meet Cathy from Trinkets in Bloom. I absolutely am amazed at her creativity. Her DIY designs are simple to do and easy to follow. Combine that with truly unique ideas, great pictures and you have a beautiful blog in your hands. This post is going to be picture heavy.. So enjoy the feast!

Scroll down for a special feature project that she did for The Daily Sequin. (P.S : Its cocktail and its BIG)

I love the addition of the pearl. Doesn't it look beautiful? A big thank you to Cathy for sharing these beautiful designs with us.

Some of my other favourites from her blog -

Sun-glass case to Minaudiere

Dior Coffee Sack Purse DIY

Really Easy DIY floral jeans

So, which one of these DIYs would you attempt? Do you all also have a secret goto DIY blog that I should know about?   And if you are a blogger who would like to be featured? Feel free to send me an email about that.

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