Apr 29, 2012

Stuffed Peppers

I think by now, you guys know I'm a vegetarian. Eggs, dairy - yes. Meat - no. So, I don't know what possessed me to buy vegetarian beef mince. It was probably this really awesome picture of stuffed peppers on top of the package. So I bought the packet to make these. Boy, were they good! And again - it was minced tofu! No animals harmed in the process.

I followed this recipe and replaced the real beef with the tofu version.  I used yellow and orange peppers for a milder flavour. I used brown rice instead of white, cumin powder instead of basil and oregano. I also skipped the Worcestershire sauce, giving it a more Mexican flavour.

This is how it looked after baking. I also went through an article on how to eat stuffed peppers. You can eat the filling first and the peppers after, did you know that? I always take a bite of the rice with a piece of pepper.  I prefer it that way. Tell me how this recipe turns out, in case your try it. And you should try it. Its just a one pot dish with the peppers taking a bit of processing on their own. Its easy, I promise.

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