Apr 25, 2012

Shopping haul - April - Part 2

I'm done with April's spending budget and I still have ten more days to go. Sigh.. no matter. I received my shirt from Nordstrom Rack. It doesn't photograph well ,so here is the link. I think it was $12 but it has sold out since and gone back to full price. I got a light chambray color which I have been coveting for a long time.

If you are looking for a chambray shirt for less than $25, then check this out.

I also bought these two shoes from NineWest. They were $25 each after a lot of discounts.

I was going to  buy only one of them but I couldn't decide which one to put down. The top one is a blush pink with black toe. I adore those tiny bows. Reminds me of the Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes I missed. The bottom ones are a beautiful light tan. So both are perfect for spring. The top ones are killing my feet though. Have to break them in a lot more. 
Last, I bought this beauty in the Easter parade on Union Street. Guess what it is?

Its soap. Rose flavoured handmade soap. It smells so so awesome. Its wrapped in cling film but I'm not even removing it beacuse the smell is pretty strong already and it keeps the room smelling so good. It was $4.99 if you were wondering. That's it for this month's shopping! I think I'm a little over $100 but that ok. These are pretty versatile pieces. How much is your monthly shopping budget? Do you go over it or under it?

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