Apr 9, 2012

Putting Together Pastel!

When I started this blog, I used to put together high end looks .. sometimes to satisfy my creativity and sometimes as a gentle nudge to people who can buy these gorgeous pieces to try out these combinations. Somewhere along the road , I started doing more affordable fashion. I miss the dreaming so I'm going to include high end looks that I love once in a while, so feel free to dream with me. And you could always use these fabulous designs to inspire some "Look for Less" shopping, right?

APC striped cotton top - $75
Current/Elliott denim - $180
Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier bag - $430
Miu Miu shoes - $580

I started off with a simple and beautiful look. I bought a couple of pink striped tops similar to this one in Old Navy last week. In this look, I paired the A.P.C striped top with a cream Current/Elliott boyfriend fit jeans. Many of you may have this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for which I'm slowly and steadily saving.I put them together with this pair of mint green suede shoes by Miu Miu. I have a huge weakness for coloured suede shoes and this pretty pretty mint is just making me swoon.

All these pieces make a beautiful look together I think. What do you think? If you could which of these would you buy? 

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  1. I really feel like slipping into this outfit right now..its such a breezy-cool set!

    Lots of things unexplored but the rice fritters would be a must try one in my cooking list!!


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