Apr 18, 2012

A little spring haul!

I probably have not told you that, I reached US with just two suitcases. Iam slowly trying to build a wardrobe that will be fun and casual as my main trips outside are to the library to study and to hang out with the Hubs. And most of you would know, building a wardrobe from scratch can be quite expensive. So I limited myself to $100 +/- 10 a month. If it seems high, I'm sorry but it will reduce even more if I have some basic pieces. If it seems low, then could you be kind enough to sponsor me? : )
Anyway, I wanted to share a bunch of things I got this month. So here they are. I know I should be doing fabulous outfit posts with them but who wants to see a girl in a different coloured jeans everyday? You do?? Really??

Striped blue tee - $9.99 (similar)
(I'm pretty sure, prices are lower in the store.)
Dot pillow - $17 (similar)
I got the polka dot pillow from Ross. I think it was $7. Not a part of my wardrobe, I know but so so cute. The tees are all from Old Navy and each one is less than $10. Except the top left hand one which I think is $15.  It was a total of $40 and I got back $20 in SuperCash. The bag you see in the centre is the gift bag, I got from Clinique for my purchase of foundation from them. It contains an eye shadow, mascara and a lip stick lip gloss combo. Such a steal because the foundation was $27 and I had a $10 off Macy's card. So that's around $50 this month till now. Will post what I buy for the remaining $50 soon! 

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