Apr 20, 2012

HM vs Zara

I spend a lot of time browsing through a lot of online stores, so here is something a little weird and funny and a peek into my roller coaster emotions with fashion! I saw this dress on H&M website long back. I was totally in love with it and thought it was a dress with a coral lace overlay. When I visited in the store, surprise - it was just a printed polyester dress and I have hated it since then.

Yesterday , I was browsing through Zara and saw this incredibly similar dress on Zara. Again I think its coral lace overlay but I will go to the store soon and check it out and let you know. With the same colour combinations and similar print and 100% polyester, I dont know why I'm digging Zara's look so much. Maybe its the peplum but I so love it. 

You can buy the Zara dress here for $89.90. H&M does not offer online shopping , so look for it in your local store. Do you think its a rip-off on Zara's part? Which dress do you prefer? And are you also laughing at the toe overhang in Zara's model? LOL.. I'm a detail oriented person, sorry!

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