Apr 16, 2012

Double Orange Cupcake/Muffin

Hi there.. How was your weekend? Mine was spent over trying to restore my laptop to life and it was not successful. Please forgive me for the not posting a lot because I swear losing your laptop is losing your hand. And all this researching and curating is not possible even in the flashy new iPad, the hubs got me!
This is a quickie post on this orange muffin-cupcake hybrid that I made. I could simply say I ran out of cupcake liners but that wouldn't make me an innovator now, would it?

I followed this recipe. The orange flavour was a little bit overwhelming for me but if you like it, then thats good news for you. I didn't go for the coconut topping and instead added an orange glaze from this recipe. What I adjusted was that, I reduced the orange flavour in the cupcake and punched it up in the glaze. And I added a couple of strawberries whose taste I loved with the oranges. Have a you ever tried a flavour on flavour combo ? What are your favourite ones apart from chocolate??

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