Feb 14, 2012

Valentine's day in Pictures!

Hi all.. How was your Valentine's day? Our Valentine's day was like any other day - filled with love, laughter and itty bitty fights! Hubs gave me Piggywiggy, my adorable new kitchen timer. He is my new favourite in the house. I think its an amazing gift for a newbie baker. What do you think?

I gave him three amazing(he says) meals as gifts. Knowing my hubby, he appreciated the food more than anything else I could have bought for him. I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. A sumptuous lunch of vegetable sizzler and  rotis. Dinner was takeaway Mexican but I made Molten Chocolate Lava cake which is my husband's absolute favourite! He thoroughly enjoyed them.

I followed this recipe but used individual ramekins instead of muffin pans. I also used multigrain flour and kept it only for 8 minutes. I wrapped up the dessert with some fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.

I get why people say Valentine's day is over-rated but it seems nice to spend one special day acknowledging  the love and affection your partner, your family and friends shower on you. Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's day.
P.S : Recipe updated!

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