Feb 21, 2012

Spring Essentials - Popping Pink!

Now that mint green has been properly appreciated, the next thing I'm loving this spring is Michael Kors sportswear inspired neon collection which is such luscious eye candy. So thats what I'm going for on the days I don't feel that coy (meaning pastels). Going to colour the town hot pink!

Over $500

I'm trying to make your shopping experience a lot easier. Just clicking on the pictures will take you directly to the website, so knock yourself silly! I do realise Michael Kors is not in everyone's price range hence the wide variety of selection here.

$100 to $500

Of Course, if you, like me, enjoy a good deal, you would enjoy these products a lot more.

Less than $100

The best effect comes from pairing neon with black or white. But you could also try out colours such as beige, gray , nude or blush pink. What are the colours you are craving this spring?

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