Feb 5, 2012

Happy Birthday February-Borns!

Its the time of the month again where all those lovely February-borns are eagerly looking forward to their birthday and their loved ones are looking forward to buying some gorgeous gifts for them. Here are a few lovely options from Etsy. A very happy birthday to all of you!
Under $50

Love the simple amethyst crystal drop earrings from Fineheart. The Calla Lily pendant from JCGemsJewellery is so elegant.  The double heart ring from TooOriginal is too perfect for Valentine's day!

$100 - $500
SacredCake has these chunky amethyst stone necklaces which seem to be inspired by Anna Wintour. The cluster bracelet from BijouxOdalisque features green amethyst stones and are such a versatile design. The lotus ring from Kira Ferrar is my absolute favorite in this collection. I love how the flower opens up to reveal the gorgeous amethyst inside!

If in fact you agree with me that colored stones deserve their place in the engagement ring industry, then you would obviously fall in love with this stunning Amethyst ring. I love how the diamonds take second place and do their duty of framing the lovely gemstone in the center. 
All these products are from Etsy, so of course you can speak to the shop and customize the piece of jewellery to your specifications. Which one of these would you buy? Would you say yes to a colored gemstone engagement ring?

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