Jan 22, 2012

Weekend in Photos!

I had a pretty fantastic and a pretty weird weekend! We didn't do much touristy stuff because of the constant rain so we spent a lot of time organising our home and had fun shopping for it. On sunday though, we were attacked and almost assaulted by a homeless person. It would have been funny if it hadn't been so scary. The person even managed to get into our building. So weird and freaky!
I managed to go out for some shopping despite the rain. I got this gorgeous navy blazer from Zara. You can buy it here for $39.99

I got this really inexpensive cart to hold my kitchen stuff. I can never manage to reach the top shelves. You can buy the from The Container Store here for $34.99. I got a bunch of S hooks and hung all my pans from there too. So cool!

I also got a bunch of baking pans and this gorgeous apron from Sur la Table's awesome sale. Buy the apron here for $7.49

Finally I also tried to make a one ingredient banana ice cream as seen here.

So simple - Slice the bananas, freeze them for an hour, put them in a food processor till they become creamy. Add a little milk if its not creamy enough. It was amazing. Be sure to spring for some really ripe bananas, else you will be left with a bad after taste. We topped our ice cream with some chocolate syrup. Yum!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Did you try out any new recipes? Did you go to a sale I should know about? I would love to know!! Do tell me in the comments section. 

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