Jan 24, 2012

Valentine's day special: Gifts for Geeks!

Lets start off this year V-day shopping, with gifts for my favourite kind of human beings - Geeks! Seeing that I'm married to one, there is nothing normal about the gifts I receive or give! Here is what we would probably giving/getting this year. If you are in love with a geek (girl/guy), kick start your love affair with these fab V-day finds. All from (where else!) ThinkGeek! Live long and Prosper \\_//

The shirt is a the definition of a geek! A puzzling equation on one side and a romantic heart on the other. Also available in a guy version t shirt. A cute gift for the geeky scientist! Buy it here for $19.99

An anatomically correct beating and pulsating heart??? Swoon! Makes an ideal gift for those biology-geeks(anyone buying one for me?) It also would make a great gift with this line "I'm leaving my heart with you! Keep it beating!" How is that?? That way they would pay for the batteries too :-p. Buy it here for $17.99

Have you heard of this already? Excuse me if you did and feel free to skip over to the next one. I have to talk about this amazing set of t-shirts. Wear one and give the set to your partner. Come close, within hugging distance and all the six hearts light up! Go away from each other and only two and a half hearts.. so sad and so cute. Buy the set here for $17.99 - $24.99

I love this cute 8 bit flower bouquet. So Mario circa 1998. A perfect gift for the nostalgic gamer/computer programming geek! Giving it while wearing the 8-bit hair bow and hearts t-shirt - added cuteness! How many times have I used the word cute already? Buy it here for $14.99

Last but not the least, my last year's valentine's gift - its still fashionable this year too. A sweet heart shaped box with plushes of an egg, sperm, penicillin, amoeba and kissing disease. So infectiously romantic I would say!If you are ready to take the next step, go for the box of STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) including chlamydia and herpes. Buy it here for $12.99.
Stay tuned for more V-day gifts series coming up! Do you like these geeky ones? Would you love to get/give one of these as a gift? 

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