Jan 9, 2012

Stick on Makeup!

It shows that I am still a rookie when it comes to beauty products. I was amazed at the options you have if you are incapable of applying makeup perfectly. Enter peel off and stick on makeup.
Do you find it impossible to get your eyeliner in a straight line? Enter these eyeliner stickers.

With four styles in one pack, this ought to be very handy when you want to go for a gorgeous liner which requires just a little more artistic talent than you have! Its claimed to last for 12 hrs. Do let me know if that is true.  Buy it at ASOS here for $12.73 a pack.
How to apply: Just peel off the eyeliner. Press it on clean skin. Align it to the eye and trim the excess if necessary. Peel off the backing sheet! Continue with the rest of your makeup.

Next up - Lipstick tattoos.
Violent lips has a huge collection of lip tattoos including some very weird ones with cheetah, leopard patterns, polka dots and hearts. I personally like the glitterati and the red ones with kiss and love written on them. Perfect for Valentine's day!

The Glitterati pictures is misleading as it looks quite normal as seen in the photos. The captioned ones look the same.You can see a video on how to apply them here. You can buy the plain ones for $9.99 and the glitterati ones for $14.95. Buy them here.
 Check back tmrw for peel on nail polishes and eye shadows.. Didn't want the post to be too long. What do you think of these makeup ideas? Which ones do you like? Which ones are too weird for you?

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