Jan 12, 2012

How to wear a sheer shirt!

If a sheer shirt gives you the chills (no pun intended) .. Here are some fantastic ways to make it fun.
Lets start with this black sheer shirt!

Its a sheer shirt dress, still .. love it. And wowza at the pants. Buy the shirt here for $48 and the pants here for $62.

Layer it over a simple black lace cami. It helps you cover up while still retaining the sexiness of a sheer shirt. Buy it here for $20.

You could also wear it over a romper/playsuit.

1. Hawaiian romper - $44.76              2.Pailette romper - $63.56                  3.Rose playsuit - $44.76

Hawaiian print is the rage this spring with Stella McCartney showcasing some gorgeous designs. Slip on this romper and throw on a sheer shirt to join the party. You could also wear it over this pailette shorts romper with the satin top for a fun sparkly look. The third look is a little out there but you could pull it off with a lop of confidence. A very romantic bold rose printed strapless romper would look a little less sweet and little more mysterious with a sheer shirt over it.

1. Polka dot - $60                                           2.Lace - $40                                    3.Animal Print - $60

If you are feeling a little daring, you could try wearing it over a bralet. Corsets and bralets under a sheer shirt make a sexy statement without showing any skin. This would be totally my style as I find it impossible to squeeze into minis. What do you think of these ideas? Would you wear a sheer shirt? How would you style it?

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