Jan 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Capricorns!

A very happy birthday too all you January born girls out there. I love gemstone jewellery (that could be just a Leo talking), so if you are stumped for gifts for your loved one's birthday this month or if you would like to gift yourself something original and creative, here are some beautiful finds in garnet from Etsy!

Budget $50 to $150
I loved this very pretty garnet tree from DrommeLund in Etsy. The shop has plenty of very creative tree sculptures which I found very interesting. I loved this beautiful garnet bracelet from Saressa. The earrings are very classic and clean. Would be great to wear to work. They come from Rare earth designs.

Budget $200 - $500

A beautiful single garnet necklace from OneGarnetGirl. The double Mandala pendant from DacMetals and a gorgeous clustered garnet bracelet from Exquis Custom Jewellery. Etsy is just a treasure house.
If you are planning to pop the question to a a girl and if she is the type to love coloured gemstones (like Lady Di and the Duchess), you have to take a loot at this.

Do you see herself saying yes to this? Its a gorgeous 3.31 carat red garnet with 0.50 carat diamonds set in 14K yellow gold. If she loves it like I do, you are set for a very colourful life. Good luck to the grooms to be!
Girls, How do you like garnets? which one of these would you buy? Would you say yes to a coloured engagement ring?

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