Jan 17, 2012

Easy Calzones for the Novice Cook!

Sometimes stores can make your home-made dinners a lot more fun. I bought Pillsbury Pizza Dough from a store today. After a quick check in the fridge, I decided to use yesterday's leftover cauliflower and potato fry as filling for some calzones. They are the easiest things to make with readymade dough.

Step 1. Divide the dough into two and spread out the first portion. Don't be misguided by my rolling pin. It was not a simple job to flatten the dough. I beat it to submission with the rolling pin!

Step 2: Cut it into a symmetrical shape (an oblong oval might work best) and spoon in the filling of your choice. Fruits, vegetables, leftovers, eggs.. get creative! I added some cheese to add to the festivity. I dont have a grater (yet) so I used my vegetable peeler to make cheese shavings. (so smart!)

Step 3: Fold the dough over the part that contains the filling and seal the edges. Make fancy patterns in the edges with a fork.( I dont know why but they do look nice).

Step 4: Bake them in a preheated oven of 350F for 5-7 mts. Mine were 8 minutes and they browned rather than turn golden. So keep an eye on them. You could also do the fancy things that chefs do like beat an egg and brush over for the golden glow! I didn't do it. I was starving.

Step 5: Eat them. I dipped them in hot salsa. They were delicious.
Simple enough? Eating in seems a little easier? I love recipes that are four steps are lesser.
Do let me know in the comments, what you think of this fun recipe and how it turns out for you!