Dec 20, 2011

A Healthy Christmas To You!

Blogging does make you want to share everything. So while I ponder my alarming weight gain over the past two years, usually I reach out for more comfort food. This time, with the brand new well-rounded blog,  I have decided to blog about it. So join me if you are taking the vow of having a very healthy holiday season this year. We could all do with a little support when it comes to weight loss.
My steps will be (Compulsive list maker!!) - 
Step 1. I am going to invest in this excellently rated pair of Ascis Shoes - $65.00 from Zappos.

Step 2. Strapped on cash that I'm, I'm going to make do with this simple personal weighing scale from Amazon.
Step 3. Following the healthful veggie meal plan I made for the next one week. Breakfast is always cereal with low fat milk or whole wheat toast with "I can't believe its not butter" (70% less fat!!) and lunch is always a salad/ veggie sub with no cheese and no creamy sauces. So its just one meal a day! Here is the plan I have created for the next one week.

Whole wheat  tortillas with mixed vegetable filling
Frittata with onions and bell peppers
Penne Arabiatta
Corn bread and chili
Eat Out
Chinese fried rice
Vegetable calzones

Step 4: I'm going to run/ work out on the elliptical for 45 mts a day/ 5 days a week.
Step 5: Since my target is to lose 20 pounds, as an incentive, I am going to put aside $20 for every pound that I lose. And I will buy this gorgeous dress to celebrate.

P.S : The dress is by Tibi and its a steal for $206.80. You can also buy it here.
Do share your fitness experiences and your thoughts on my plan. Words of encouragement would be highly appreciated. :)


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