Dec 27, 2011

Easiest Frittata Ever!

The last week was a healthy week. I could not keep up with the promise of running everyday but I stuck to the cooking schedule. I took a few pictures of my super-easy frittata. I've added the recipe in case you care to try it yourself! I cook for only two people so my proportions are very funny and self made. Feel free to edit to your own version.

I added some vegetable oil in a pan. I chopped up an onion and fried them a bit.

Added some lovely red peppers. The last time I made a frittata , I had yellow,orange and red. This time, sadly I only had red but feel free to add any colour you wish.

I proceeded to fry them just to take off the raw flavour. You can add any vegetables you like but be careful and  see that they are cooked.

I beat a couple of eggs in a bowl with some salt and cilantro and poured it over the onions and peppers in the pan. Ground some black peppers on the top.
I spread it out in the pan, nice and easy! And then sat back while I waited for it to cook through. You can also pop it in the oven for 5 - 10 mts at 350 degrees. When the top portion is cooked well, you can dig in.
You may argue that this is just an omelette. But I was very careful not to flip over the thing, so its a frittata to me :) Hope you love it. Did you follow your meal plan? How are you getting yourself fit?
And what do you think of my first ever cooking attempt at The Daily Sequin?? Would you like to see more of my easy peesy meals?
Love Y'all! People who comment will be rewarded highly in heaven!

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