Nov 17, 2011

Etsy Finds - Flower Bangles

I'm obsessed with single bangles right now. They add that sparkle to your look. The trick is to find a versatile bangle for a everyday wear.  I'm a flower girl..  not the covered in frilly floral way but in the I'm proud to be a girl way.. so these are a few beauties that caught my eye in Etsy.

The single bangle with the flower charm is a delight. The bangle is sturdy and solid and the flower charm is subtle and feminine - a perfect balance. The lotus and pearl is a marriage of eastern simplicity and elegance. I adore it.. A bit delicate to wear everyday, but it would do a good job of reminding me to keep calm through the day. The final oriental magnolias resin bangle is just so whimsical. I love the peachy colour of it. Absolute adore.. Its no secret that I love artisan products and its a pleasure to post such beautiful pieces.Will try to make etsy finds a regular feature if you guys like it. Post your thoughts in the comments section.
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