Oct 18, 2011

Sheer beauty - Net saris..

Continuing our diwali celebrations on this blog, let me share with you, my fascination with net saris. I hesitate tremendously to show this much skin but I love their peek-a-boo style. I found this fantastic , stunning creation and deperately wish for it. What is this blog, if not a place to collectively lust over beautiful clothes? So, sharing it with you..

Saris like this keep me awake at night... STUNNING...  The brilliance of this sari is that, it capitalises on the sheerness of the net sari. The underskirt that usually doesnt serve much purpose, serves as the highlight of this piece. A beautiful fuchsia crepe lehenga skirt sets of the beautiful pure white net with the ornate golden border. Absolute perfection. You can buy this sari for $1545 here.
For those looking at options closer home, you may want to check out RMKV's fantastic collection. I have too many favourites, so let me stick to a really festive one for this diwali..

This super hot black net sari with the brocade print on the body and gold button print on the top has a traditional red, gold and green (lucky colours) border. Looks extremely festive. You could wear it and fit right in with the diyas and crackers. Buy this beauty from RmKv here for just Rs.3445. Of Course , net saris and crackers and fire dont sit well together. So wear these beauties and head to the temple, take plenty of pictures and change into cotton clothes for your cracker fun. Have a safe diwali , everyone .. :) You can send me your diwali wishes in the comments section. Would make this a great diwali for me too.

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