Oct 24, 2011

Diwali Specials - Round pendants

Diwali is a very special time and its mostly because, its one of the few holidays you get to spend completely with your family.  Diwali is also a great time to buy precious gold. Diwali  is celebrated on a new moon night, so that the sparklers can make up for the lack of the moon. I would go for a sparkling round pendant this diwali to achieve it. I loved this pendant from Tiffanys by Paloma Picasso (Yes, the painter's daughter!)

Oct 18, 2011

Sheer beauty - Net saris..

Continuing our diwali celebrations on this blog, let me share with you, my fascination with net saris. I hesitate tremendously to show this much skin but I love their peek-a-boo style. I found this fantastic , stunning creation and deperately wish for it. What is this blog, if not a place to collectively lust over beautiful clothes? So, sharing it with you..

Oct 12, 2011

Jenny from the Block...

My normal reaction to a celebrity-designed/inspired collection is a lot of contempt. And when Jennifer Lopez says she is doing something like that.. *rolling eyes*.  But I was pleasantly surprised to see the collection at Kohl's. I can't speak for the quality of the fabric, but the designs and colours seem very great. Very JLo and very luxe. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye.

Oct 9, 2011

Light up - Triangle Jhumkas

Diwali is here.. yeah baby!!!  India's favourite festival means a lot of jewellery, a lot of colour and a lot more fun. I kicked off my month long celebration by buying some jewellery. I have an insane love for jhumkas.. I try to collect them in all the festive colours and all shapes..  If you thought jhumkas where only those big inverted umbrellas, think again. We have them in a lot of shapes, conical (which I bought yesterday), square (seen here) and other stunners seen here and here.I wanted to share this stunning conical jhumka from a lovely shop - Exclusively.in (not compensted  I'm a loving person, thats all ;) )

I love these stunning conical jhumkas. The Jhumkas are made of German silver with pink and turquoise agate and faux pearl with green bead drop. STUNNING. An ideal way to kick start this Diwali season. You can buy it from here for $100. The shop delivers to US and UK.... Check back here for more Diwali themed posts. Happy Diwali Shoppping everyone!!