Sep 30, 2011

Vintage Finds - Asos Marketplace

I'm a big vintage/thrift store fan and if you, like me are on the constant lookout for vintage beauties to work into your look.. Look no further. Enter Asos Marketplace. The fabulous store boasts a good collection of indie boutique and vintage sellers with one of a kind pieces that are just so full of flavour.

(I'm not paid to promote this shop. This is what this blog is about!! Fantastic finds online)
I loved so many pieces but settled on these three to show. You can go to the website for an afternoon of exploration yourself. If you thought polka dots very so retro chic, then imagine how you would feel about a real 1970s piece? I loved this bright mustard? polka dotted top from a boutique called Vintage Tartlette. Owl pendants are all over the place but a bright red one with a lot of character definitely has a place in my wardrobe.
How do you feel about this bright red faux snakeskin clutch? Love the big size. Love the bright red and the structure and shape and pattern are so in trend though the piece is from the 80s.
So there you go , all you fashionistas looking for an online shopping site for vintage ... thank me after you bring in your loot.
Red Owl pendant - $10.64Red Clutch - $22.80
Yellow polka dotted top - $36.48

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