Sep 5, 2011

Vegan Winter Fashion - Faux Fur

Winter Fashion is always a tough time on those animals that decided to grow the most fur to protect themselves. Fret not, if you feel guilty longing over that fur coat. Two words for you , sister - Faux Fur. Check out some of these options..

Michael by Michael Kors has this fantastic leopard print faux fur jacket only proving even A-list designers don't shy away from helping animals. I love its fierce print making it ideal to wear over the number of your layers and still stand out. Wear it over a simple tee or a black dress and increase your style quotient by leaps. Buy it for $175 from here.

Betsey Johnson has this plaid double-breasted trench with the faux fur collar. Absolutely guaranteed to keep you warm on a cold day.

Wear it with a pair of sleek jeans for a very stylish look. Buy it from here for $152.24

Victoria's Secret has a number of sexy (what else?) options for winter which incorporate faux fur. Here are a few pieces.

The trench coat with faux fur collar is $188. Buy it from here. I'm loving the tiger printed short jacket. Wear it with fire engine red pants like the model and wooork it.. Buy it from VS for $148 here. Ofcourse,  there is nothing hotter than Candice Swanepoel lounging in a black slip dress and that leopard faux fur coat. I absolutely want it.. I mean the coat. Buy it here for $178. Check back for updates on this series on Vegan winter fashion.

If you MUST wear fur, check the animal policy of the designer/brand. I know that Zara uses only leather and fur which comes from Food and Beverage industry as a waste and does not use animal farms or kills animals for the clothes. It does make me feel a tiny bet better about wearing leather bought from Zara. If you are aware of any other stores that use only F&B waste, do let me knw in the comments section and I will update here.



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