Sep 21, 2011

No clothes on the emperor/ Rick Owens Leather effect skirt

I appreciate anyone and everyone who does faux leather and faux fur. I like to think of myself as a friend to the animals. And I do love Rick Owens.. fantastic (albeit mostly black) designer who has dressed the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Its sad that when Rick Owens attempts to do a leather effect cotton maxi skirt, he ends up doing this.

This skirt is wrong in so many levels.. the material looks like a trash bag.. wrapped around the poor models legs.. Moreover, the skirt has absolutely no shape.. Sometimes it looks like a black mummy without the strips of cloth.. If I were creepier, I would say it looks like Frodo when he was wrapped in that spider web in LOTR.. I know, I'm morbid.. Everything aside.. this is just bad bad design. Its sad that this skirt retails for a whooping $1050 and that you can buy it readily here. Its just a sad day for design..

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