Sep 14, 2011

No Clothes on the Emperor/ Prada Mary Jane Leather Boots

Somebody ought to tell the emperor, " There re no clothes on you , dude". Welcome to a brand new section on Fingertip Fashion - NCOTE -  No Clothes on the Emperor is a section where I'm going to catalogue design atrocities.. Goes to prove that even the best of the designers have their bad days and someone has to tell them so. First up.. the esteemed house of Prada.

The Runway To Green Prada bi-colour Mary Jane boots..  Let me begin by asking what the hell were they thinking? It looks like a shoe attached to a prosthetic leg. If I were dark skinned ( as I'am) this shoe would look  like a joke on me. It would look like a I wore a very bad flesh coloured knee high sock which was not even colour matched to my skin tone.

Look at the poor model.. Who goes to work dressed like this.. I would be the first in line if Prada were to offer their wares for free but I wouldn't pick this baby even if they paid me. This very weird boot retails for $1500 and can be bought here.

Of course fashion is very very subjective.. so if you do love these boots and want to defend their design, do leave me a comment. I would love to get the discussion going. If you don't love it, this is the place to vent.. go for it.. :) Look out for the next design

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