Sep 30, 2011

Think Fall-Think Faux campaign/Happy October!

So October is finally here. In this season , may I ask you to do me and the animals a favor and try to keep your winter fashion as cruelty -free as possible. There are plenty of options and you can have a look at some of them here and here. Do download this wallpaper and tweet your vegetarian fashion finds with the tag, #thinkfallthinkfaux to share this campaign with your friends. Happy October everyone.. Click on the picture for an enlarged version which you can save and set as your desktop wallpaper.

Vintage Finds - Asos Marketplace

I'm a big vintage/thrift store fan and if you, like me are on the constant lookout for vintage beauties to work into your look.. Look no further. Enter Asos Marketplace. The fabulous store boasts a good collection of indie boutique and vintage sellers with one of a kind pieces that are just so full of flavour.

(I'm not paid to promote this shop. This is what this blog is about!! Fantastic finds online)
I loved so many pieces but settled on these three to show. You can go to the website for an afternoon of exploration yourself. If you thought polka dots very so retro chic, then imagine how you would feel about a real 1970s piece? I loved this bright mustard? polka dotted top from a boutique called Vintage Tartlette. Owl pendants are all over the place but a bright red one with a lot of character definitely has a place in my wardrobe.
How do you feel about this bright red faux snakeskin clutch? Love the big size. Love the bright red and the structure and shape and pattern are so in trend though the piece is from the 80s.
So there you go , all you fashionistas looking for an online shopping site for vintage ... thank me after you bring in your loot.
Red Owl pendant - $10.64Red Clutch - $22.80
Yellow polka dotted top - $36.48

Sep 27, 2011


Its a while since I have done an absolute out of the world outfit post. While affordable fashion is fun and practical, somedays a girl just gotta let it go and dream.. afterall, there is no fee for dreaming or blogging, right? :D

With this Erickson Beamon lucite and diamante earrings, you have all the pop you would ever require in a cocktail hour. The lovely neon colours are so bold and so stylish. A perfect canvas to show them off would be a fun and flirty LBD.. something this Notte by Marchesa perfectly accomplishes.The beautiful rosette embellished dress is just on the right side of fun to carry off colourful neon earrings. Continue the black look with these beautiful platform Gucci suede shoes with the stunning gold trim. Tie in the look with this adorable Strass crystal embellished Miu Miu butter yellow clutch. The yellow mirrors the yellow of the earrings and the stones play off the lucite trim of them. A knockout cocktail look for sure.
Erickson beamon earrings - $480
Notte by Marchesa dress - $795
Gucci shoes - $770
Miu Miu clutch - $920
BTW ... how do you like the new grey and hot pink combo??

Sep 21, 2011

No clothes on the emperor/ Rick Owens Leather effect skirt

I appreciate anyone and everyone who does faux leather and faux fur. I like to think of myself as a friend to the animals. And I do love Rick Owens.. fantastic (albeit mostly black) designer who has dressed the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Its sad that when Rick Owens attempts to do a leather effect cotton maxi skirt, he ends up doing this.

This skirt is wrong in so many levels.. the material looks like a trash bag.. wrapped around the poor models legs.. Moreover, the skirt has absolutely no shape.. Sometimes it looks like a black mummy without the strips of cloth.. If I were creepier, I would say it looks like Frodo when he was wrapped in that spider web in LOTR.. I know, I'm morbid.. Everything aside.. this is just bad bad design. Its sad that this skirt retails for a whooping $1050 and that you can buy it readily here. Its just a sad day for design..

Sep 19, 2011

Lace Lovers..

Yes, I love lace.. everyone knows that.. I do try to curb my enthusiasm when it comes to lace.. remember when I went overboard?? I couldn't stop myself seeing this new find in Net-a-Porter. Its from a lovely brand called Lover.. perfect name, I think. Two dresses particularly caught my eye.

The black lace dress is just so stunning with its closed neck and sheer lace sleeves. The top has a lace overlay built over a jersey-crepe bodice. With sheer tights, you will be a vision in black in this fantastic dress. Pair it with an interesting dark purple or plum pumps for that slight addition of colour but I wouldn't mourn if it was all black either.
The white dress with its beautiful lace cape like sleeves and halter neck with a lace overlay on a satin-jersey bodice. So so beautiful. So you think it looks too bridal?? I love it either way.. I could get married again in a dress like this..
Lover .. yeah.. absolutely.. Shop these dresses here. If you cannot afford it ( I can't) take these wonderful dresses as your inspiration to build something similar.. God I love these dresses..

Lover black lace dress - $740

Lover ivory lace dress - $860

Sep 18, 2011

Crave/Save - Grey on Grey..

Responding to a reader request, who absolutely wanted to reproduce the grey Halston Heritage look. I combined the post with a fabulous look I have been wanting to reproduce from Tanvi's blog. Since this skirt is available in two colours and we thought of knife pleated skirts at the same time, here comes a two-in-one post.

Sep 16, 2011

Shades of Grey..

This week has been drama filled with the Missoni  for Target's sale.. ( God, I hate Chevron print now). I did want to buy a scarf but after seeing their print on everything from plates and spoons to sofa sets.. I totally lost my taste for it. NYFW is over and I loved a lot of collections including Michael Kors and J.Mendel. Victoria by VB also released and I showed you my favourite pieces here. We got a lot of new readers this week , so a big hello to you sweet people taking time out to check my blog. Leave some comments, so I can get to know you.. I would love to. For today's post, I wanted to feature a very surprising trend that I've been noticing a lot lately. Grey on grey on more grey. I first saw it on Emily here. And then wonder of wonders , Zoe Saldana ROCKED it here.  So here are some shopping inspirations for your very own look..

Sep 14, 2011

No Clothes on the Emperor/ Prada Mary Jane Leather Boots

Somebody ought to tell the emperor, " There re no clothes on you , dude". Welcome to a brand new section on Fingertip Fashion - NCOTE -  No Clothes on the Emperor is a section where I'm going to catalogue design atrocities.. Goes to prove that even the best of the designers have their bad days and someone has to tell them so. First up.. the esteemed house of Prada.

Sep 12, 2011

Victoria's Secret...

Its a rare day when I post something without a shopping link.. If not for any other reason, I like to knw the price of the product that I'm drooling over. So consider it a rare day when I'm doing so. In fact it has happened only once before here. Its only cos I'm so excited about this collection. These are my favourite looks from the collection.

Photo Courtesy - WWD

Sep 8, 2011

Cruelty Free Winter Fashion - Angora

Angora is a soft fur sheared from the Angora rabbit. As far as I have researched, I don't think the animal is harmed in anyway. So I think it could be a valid cruelty-free winter option. I'm loving the pure white angora from Rochas collection this fall..

Sep 6, 2011

Spicy Fall/Happy September...

Mustard is mine and many others absolute fave colour this season. Shop for mustard here. Dress up your desktop in the season hottest colour.. Here is your wallpaper for this month.


I'm sure this fluttering mustard silk satin has caught your eye. Its a wonderful dress from Thakoon. Shop it for $550 from Net-A-Porter here. Happy September y'all..



Sep 5, 2011

Vegan Winter Fashion - Faux Fur

Winter Fashion is always a tough time on those animals that decided to grow the most fur to protect themselves. Fret not, if you feel guilty longing over that fur coat. Two words for you , sister - Faux Fur. Check out some of these options..