Aug 24, 2011

Plaid mad..

I was curious enough to check out, the men's shopping site from the Net-A-Porter family. Of course they have nothing for women there but that was my idea.. To find something unisex and work it in a feminine way.. (challenging myself ; ), sort of ). They do have the most luscious collection of messenger and weekend bags that I haven't seen even on Net-a-porter... *Absolute love* .. all in warm deep browns, tans and blacks.. But what really caught my eye, was this..

I know I already featured plaid this month.. but who can resist this beauty? I did think it was a little bigger than the usual women's messenger bags but seeing Victoria Beckham cart around her giant suitcase/holdall/handbag, I'm sure this one is a breeze in comparision.. I picture it in an outfit like this..

Pair it with a casual , just thrown look like this ripped denim shorts, white tank, a parka and boots. You could switch around looks with a pair of jeans or trousers or even jumpsuits. Plaid is versatile. Are you mad for plaid yet??

MrPorter - Plaid messenger bag - $240

Zara shorts - $35.90

Zara parka - $99.90

Zara biker boots - $99.90

P.S : has a host of plaid looks to shop in their magazine this week.. Check it out here. Remember where you read it first though ;)

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