Aug 25, 2011

Crave/Save - Plaid bags

Out of great love for my reader with a baby, who just absolutely needed a tartan big hold-all messenger bag to stay on trend this season, I worked really hard to find this beauty. For all of you who craved this fantastic plaid messenger bag , here is your low cost alternative.


Its not in my favourite red and black combination..but it still manages to look very good, very sturdy and very on trend. This bag is just perfect in showcasing what I'm trying to do in my crave/save posts..  Not ripping off the original, merely taking inspiration from it. Absolute love..  While all fashion magazines are on slowly composing their plaid editorials, (im looking at you, you must be on your way to shop it, thanks to fingertipfashion, eh?? I know , I know, I'm putting my trumpets away.. Shop this fabulous bag from Zara here for just $49.90

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