Jul 10, 2011

Mellow Yellow...

I came across the most daring plum coloured jeans today. While I save money to buy it, I did my regular round up of similar clothes in Net-a-Porter, I was astonished by some of the colours.. especially orange, yellow and turquoise.. first up, I wanted to post the yellow ..

I wouldnt dare wear the Ksubi low-rise super skinny yellow jeans with any colour other than black. I do have a sneaking feeling that an electric blue sheer top might be nice.. :D For this outfit, I paired the bright denim with a Halston Heritage ruffled silk halter neck blouse. I wanted to reduce the black , so a handy fringed oversized grey Marni clutch does the trick. To pull in the look, wear the ombre grey and black DVF suede ankle boots. Rosentica citrine earrings add to the pop of yellow. Would you wear brightly coloured denim like this? How would you wear it??
Ksubi jeans - $170
Halston Heritage top - $225
Marni clutch - $715
DVF suede ombre boots - $425
Rosantica citrine earrings - $275


  1. I have one in mint green but been waiting to buy a yellow one too ... Now I am on a self imposed shopping ban ... but if I find it in my budget I think I will break that ban just this one time :P

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  2. Mint green.. wow.. I need to see a picture.. If you tell me your budget, I can find you a yellow jeans within that.. .. Thanks for commenting.. I love your blog and its desi flavour..

  3. Thank You! Thank You! :)

    My budget is within $50 (or less!)

  4. are you ready to fall in love???? its $58.. but u wont regret it..



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