Jul 26, 2011

Chiconomics - Grecian Goddess

My search for the perfect Grecian dress has been going on for a long time. You can have a look at this stunning but expensive look I put together. My wish for an affordable way to recreate it came true while looking through the fantastic Ann Taylor dress collection.

This elegant one shouldered draped dress is on sale at Anntaylor.com. The colour is a rich green-blue. Grecian equals metallic accessories. So pair it with this elegant woven and braided gold sandal. I managed to find this beautiful bracelet which also looks woven but is actually metallic at Asos. I think it makes an elegant evening Goddess look. What do you think?

Ann taylor dress - $69.99

Asos Sandal - $34.48

Asos Bracelet - $10.34

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