Jul 8, 2011

Chiconomics - Coloured lace...

The beauty of coloured lace need not be all over a thousand dollars. Here is a beautiful piece from Asos for much lesser. Indulge...



This post is very Dolce & Gabbana inspired. I remembered their sexy lace dresses.. coupled with the fierce animal print designs. Work this red lace dress from Asos with animal print accessories to bring in the sexy. Pair it with this ruffled chiffon leopard print clutch and this black platform shoes with a leopard print heel, both from Asos. Inner sex kitten, alright!!! How would you wear your lace dress??

Vero Moda red lace dress - $37.93

Asos leopard print pumps - $70.68

Asos leopard print clutch - $43.10

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