Apr 1, 2011

An India Princess..

Gucci, Fendi, Prada.. they come close but rarely do they beat the sheer elegance and luxury of a silk sari.. As much as I envy people who grabbed the latest runway looks this season, they would envy me back for my timesless collection of vintage and modern silk saris.. If you want to build your own collection, here is a start..

The sari is a stunning peacock blue and green from RMKV. The sari and border are a pure silk. The body features traditional  leaf pattern in thread jacquard work. The model is decked out to look bridal.. you may want to lighten the look with just these stunning emerald and sapphire jhumkas from Rasvihar. The jhumkas are 18carat gold and are zig zag rather than the usual bell or cup shaped which add a modern twist.  Keeping with the lightness , go for these really simple gold heels from Metro Shoes. They feature a single diamante strap and a holding ankle strap. Feel free to add as many blue and green and gold bangles as you would like. there you are, an Indian princess in the making..

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