Jan 22, 2011

Faux Leather- True Beauty

With all the attention Natalie Portman is getting, I was amazed that she is a total vegan when it comes to fashion.inspired by her, I've decided to promote my vegetarianism a little more with this blog.. I have been on the hunt for a very pretty faux leather bag..  Presenting to you, the results of my search... 

This gorgeous egg-plant coloured shoulder bag is from Matt&Natt... a fur and leather free design house. Im loving the faux-leather.. the finish is just so beautiful. The characterisitc triangular flap with the raw zipper end brings it an edginess. Whats more, the lining is made out of recycled plastic bottles. Go ahead, buy this bag..  and be ecologically fashionable. This beautiful bag is available from shopbop.com. It can be your for US$ 185.00. You can buy this stunning bag, from the following link,

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