Dec 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing all my readers and their loved ones a very very happy new year!! Have a blast tonight and start with a clean slate tomorrow. Love you all. See you next year :)

Dec 27, 2011

Easiest Frittata Ever!

The last week was a healthy week. I could not keep up with the promise of running everyday but I stuck to the cooking schedule. I took a few pictures of my super-easy frittata. I've added the recipe in case you care to try it yourself! I cook for only two people so my proportions are very funny and self made. Feel free to edit to your own version.

Dec 26, 2011

Have a ball!

Hey all, How was your Christmas? I had a fantastic time at Union Square! While you were all opening your presents, I found a few ball clutches that I absolutely adore that I wanted to share with you. It would be the simplest thing in the world to wear an LBD, heels and grab an eye-catching clutch to make your look!

Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones.


Dec 23, 2011

Zara Winter Sale - 2011

I was ridiculously excited about the last Zara sale. And now that I am in the US, I eagerly waited for this season's sale. This is no huge blowout like last time but you can snatch up some pretty fantastic pieces at reasonable prices. Here are some of my favourites.

Dec 20, 2011

A Healthy Christmas To You!

Blogging does make you want to share everything. So while I ponder my alarming weight gain over the past two years, usually I reach out for more comfort food. This time, with the brand new well-rounded blog,  I have decided to blog about it. So join me if you are taking the vow of having a very healthy holiday season this year. We could all do with a little support when it comes to weight loss.
My steps will be (Compulsive list maker!!) - 
Step 1. I am going to invest in this excellently rated pair of Ascis Shoes - $65.00 from Zappos.

Dec 16, 2011

Boho Party!

For all the girls who dont like to squeeze into minis, I put together a boho party look that will keep you chic and stylish while still maintaining the casual and easy vibe of a boho look.

Dec 7, 2011

Across the world!

Heya peeps! I'm so so truly sorry for not posting all this while but I can now tell you that I'm sitting right here in San Francisco. Yup, moved all the way from India to this wild wild west city. Its been a couple of days and I'm loving it as of now. Barring the lack of vegetarian options in McDonalds, the city is just so welcoming. Love it.

Nov 17, 2011

Etsy Finds - Flower Bangles

I'm obsessed with single bangles right now. They add that sparkle to your look. The trick is to find a versatile bangle for a everyday wear.  I'm a flower girl..  not the covered in frilly floral way but in the I'm proud to be a girl way.. so these are a few beauties that caught my eye in Etsy.

The single bangle with the flower charm is a delight. The bangle is sturdy and solid and the flower charm is subtle and feminine - a perfect balance. The lotus and pearl is a marriage of eastern simplicity and elegance. I adore it.. A bit delicate to wear everyday, but it would do a good job of reminding me to keep calm through the day. The final oriental magnolias resin bangle is just so whimsical. I love the peachy colour of it. Absolute adore.. Its no secret that I love artisan products and its a pleasure to post such beautiful pieces.Will try to make etsy finds a regular feature if you guys like it. Post your thoughts in the comments section.
Buy these bangles from the following links -

Nov 8, 2011

Red Hot to Hot Pink

Bergdorf' has the most luscious collection on pinks and reds on their site. It didn't take much  effort than drooling over these beauties to put together this look.

This ruched hot pink dress is classic Dolce & Gabbana, Sexy, short and screams confidence and sex appeal. Do not murder the dress with boring black pumps or matchy pink ones. The middle ground is to pair it with a darker sexier shoe. No other colour compliments pink as perfectly as red does.  Pair it with this ruched chiffon peep-toe from Giuseppe Zanotti.
Send in photos or show us your pink and red outfits either in the comments section or on Twitter or FB.. Would love to see them and feature the best ones..
Buy these products here..

Nov 2, 2011

Heeled Ankle Boots..

A cross between a fashionista and a geek would be me and a cross between a high heel and a sneaker would be this - Lace up , heeled ankle boots. Of course my first few choices were from the fantastic collection at Net-A-Porter which included a Burberry Prorsum and Christian Louboutin. I toned it down to some little more affordable Zara boots.

Oct 24, 2011

Diwali Specials - Round pendants

Diwali is a very special time and its mostly because, its one of the few holidays you get to spend completely with your family.  Diwali is also a great time to buy precious gold. Diwali  is celebrated on a new moon night, so that the sparklers can make up for the lack of the moon. I would go for a sparkling round pendant this diwali to achieve it. I loved this pendant from Tiffanys by Paloma Picasso (Yes, the painter's daughter!)

Oct 18, 2011

Sheer beauty - Net saris..

Continuing our diwali celebrations on this blog, let me share with you, my fascination with net saris. I hesitate tremendously to show this much skin but I love their peek-a-boo style. I found this fantastic , stunning creation and deperately wish for it. What is this blog, if not a place to collectively lust over beautiful clothes? So, sharing it with you..

Oct 12, 2011

Jenny from the Block...

My normal reaction to a celebrity-designed/inspired collection is a lot of contempt. And when Jennifer Lopez says she is doing something like that.. *rolling eyes*.  But I was pleasantly surprised to see the collection at Kohl's. I can't speak for the quality of the fabric, but the designs and colours seem very great. Very JLo and very luxe. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye.

Oct 9, 2011

Light up - Triangle Jhumkas

Diwali is here.. yeah baby!!!  India's favourite festival means a lot of jewellery, a lot of colour and a lot more fun. I kicked off my month long celebration by buying some jewellery. I have an insane love for jhumkas.. I try to collect them in all the festive colours and all shapes..  If you thought jhumkas where only those big inverted umbrellas, think again. We have them in a lot of shapes, conical (which I bought yesterday), square (seen here) and other stunners seen here and here.I wanted to share this stunning conical jhumka from a lovely shop - (not compensted  I'm a loving person, thats all ;) )

I love these stunning conical jhumkas. The Jhumkas are made of German silver with pink and turquoise agate and faux pearl with green bead drop. STUNNING. An ideal way to kick start this Diwali season. You can buy it from here for $100. The shop delivers to US and UK.... Check back here for more Diwali themed posts. Happy Diwali Shoppping everyone!!

Sep 30, 2011

Think Fall-Think Faux campaign/Happy October!

So October is finally here. In this season , may I ask you to do me and the animals a favor and try to keep your winter fashion as cruelty -free as possible. There are plenty of options and you can have a look at some of them here and here. Do download this wallpaper and tweet your vegetarian fashion finds with the tag, #thinkfallthinkfaux to share this campaign with your friends. Happy October everyone.. Click on the picture for an enlarged version which you can save and set as your desktop wallpaper.

Vintage Finds - Asos Marketplace

I'm a big vintage/thrift store fan and if you, like me are on the constant lookout for vintage beauties to work into your look.. Look no further. Enter Asos Marketplace. The fabulous store boasts a good collection of indie boutique and vintage sellers with one of a kind pieces that are just so full of flavour.

(I'm not paid to promote this shop. This is what this blog is about!! Fantastic finds online)
I loved so many pieces but settled on these three to show. You can go to the website for an afternoon of exploration yourself. If you thought polka dots very so retro chic, then imagine how you would feel about a real 1970s piece? I loved this bright mustard? polka dotted top from a boutique called Vintage Tartlette. Owl pendants are all over the place but a bright red one with a lot of character definitely has a place in my wardrobe.
How do you feel about this bright red faux snakeskin clutch? Love the big size. Love the bright red and the structure and shape and pattern are so in trend though the piece is from the 80s.
So there you go , all you fashionistas looking for an online shopping site for vintage ... thank me after you bring in your loot.
Red Owl pendant - $10.64Red Clutch - $22.80
Yellow polka dotted top - $36.48

Sep 27, 2011


Its a while since I have done an absolute out of the world outfit post. While affordable fashion is fun and practical, somedays a girl just gotta let it go and dream.. afterall, there is no fee for dreaming or blogging, right? :D

With this Erickson Beamon lucite and diamante earrings, you have all the pop you would ever require in a cocktail hour. The lovely neon colours are so bold and so stylish. A perfect canvas to show them off would be a fun and flirty LBD.. something this Notte by Marchesa perfectly accomplishes.The beautiful rosette embellished dress is just on the right side of fun to carry off colourful neon earrings. Continue the black look with these beautiful platform Gucci suede shoes with the stunning gold trim. Tie in the look with this adorable Strass crystal embellished Miu Miu butter yellow clutch. The yellow mirrors the yellow of the earrings and the stones play off the lucite trim of them. A knockout cocktail look for sure.
Erickson beamon earrings - $480
Notte by Marchesa dress - $795
Gucci shoes - $770
Miu Miu clutch - $920
BTW ... how do you like the new grey and hot pink combo??

Sep 21, 2011

No clothes on the emperor/ Rick Owens Leather effect skirt

I appreciate anyone and everyone who does faux leather and faux fur. I like to think of myself as a friend to the animals. And I do love Rick Owens.. fantastic (albeit mostly black) designer who has dressed the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Its sad that when Rick Owens attempts to do a leather effect cotton maxi skirt, he ends up doing this.

This skirt is wrong in so many levels.. the material looks like a trash bag.. wrapped around the poor models legs.. Moreover, the skirt has absolutely no shape.. Sometimes it looks like a black mummy without the strips of cloth.. If I were creepier, I would say it looks like Frodo when he was wrapped in that spider web in LOTR.. I know, I'm morbid.. Everything aside.. this is just bad bad design. Its sad that this skirt retails for a whooping $1050 and that you can buy it readily here. Its just a sad day for design..

Sep 19, 2011

Lace Lovers..

Yes, I love lace.. everyone knows that.. I do try to curb my enthusiasm when it comes to lace.. remember when I went overboard?? I couldn't stop myself seeing this new find in Net-a-Porter. Its from a lovely brand called Lover.. perfect name, I think. Two dresses particularly caught my eye.

The black lace dress is just so stunning with its closed neck and sheer lace sleeves. The top has a lace overlay built over a jersey-crepe bodice. With sheer tights, you will be a vision in black in this fantastic dress. Pair it with an interesting dark purple or plum pumps for that slight addition of colour but I wouldn't mourn if it was all black either.
The white dress with its beautiful lace cape like sleeves and halter neck with a lace overlay on a satin-jersey bodice. So so beautiful. So you think it looks too bridal?? I love it either way.. I could get married again in a dress like this..
Lover .. yeah.. absolutely.. Shop these dresses here. If you cannot afford it ( I can't) take these wonderful dresses as your inspiration to build something similar.. God I love these dresses..

Lover black lace dress - $740

Lover ivory lace dress - $860

Sep 18, 2011

Crave/Save - Grey on Grey..

Responding to a reader request, who absolutely wanted to reproduce the grey Halston Heritage look. I combined the post with a fabulous look I have been wanting to reproduce from Tanvi's blog. Since this skirt is available in two colours and we thought of knife pleated skirts at the same time, here comes a two-in-one post.

Sep 16, 2011

Shades of Grey..

This week has been drama filled with the Missoni  for Target's sale.. ( God, I hate Chevron print now). I did want to buy a scarf but after seeing their print on everything from plates and spoons to sofa sets.. I totally lost my taste for it. NYFW is over and I loved a lot of collections including Michael Kors and J.Mendel. Victoria by VB also released and I showed you my favourite pieces here. We got a lot of new readers this week , so a big hello to you sweet people taking time out to check my blog. Leave some comments, so I can get to know you.. I would love to. For today's post, I wanted to feature a very surprising trend that I've been noticing a lot lately. Grey on grey on more grey. I first saw it on Emily here. And then wonder of wonders , Zoe Saldana ROCKED it here.  So here are some shopping inspirations for your very own look..

Sep 14, 2011

No Clothes on the Emperor/ Prada Mary Jane Leather Boots

Somebody ought to tell the emperor, " There re no clothes on you , dude". Welcome to a brand new section on Fingertip Fashion - NCOTE -  No Clothes on the Emperor is a section where I'm going to catalogue design atrocities.. Goes to prove that even the best of the designers have their bad days and someone has to tell them so. First up.. the esteemed house of Prada.

Sep 12, 2011

Victoria's Secret...

Its a rare day when I post something without a shopping link.. If not for any other reason, I like to knw the price of the product that I'm drooling over. So consider it a rare day when I'm doing so. In fact it has happened only once before here. Its only cos I'm so excited about this collection. These are my favourite looks from the collection.

Photo Courtesy - WWD

Sep 8, 2011

Cruelty Free Winter Fashion - Angora

Angora is a soft fur sheared from the Angora rabbit. As far as I have researched, I don't think the animal is harmed in anyway. So I think it could be a valid cruelty-free winter option. I'm loving the pure white angora from Rochas collection this fall..

Sep 6, 2011

Spicy Fall/Happy September...

Mustard is mine and many others absolute fave colour this season. Shop for mustard here. Dress up your desktop in the season hottest colour.. Here is your wallpaper for this month.


I'm sure this fluttering mustard silk satin has caught your eye. Its a wonderful dress from Thakoon. Shop it for $550 from Net-A-Porter here. Happy September y'all..



Sep 5, 2011

Vegan Winter Fashion - Faux Fur

Winter Fashion is always a tough time on those animals that decided to grow the most fur to protect themselves. Fret not, if you feel guilty longing over that fur coat. Two words for you , sister - Faux Fur. Check out some of these options..

Aug 31, 2011

Spiced up Fall...

There are a lot of ways to incorporate colour in your fall wardrobe without shocking with hot pinks and blood reds. Take a cue from nature and pick the colours of fall which include delicate gold, deep burgandys, warm brown and the focus of today -  mustard yellows. The pieces I liked the most in this fall collection are from Proenza Schouler, Diane von Furstenberg and ofcourse Victoria Beckham.

I  just love love love the sleek lines of the VB dress. The beautiful silk and wool blend double crepe, V necked cap sleeved beauty is a standout piece for this fall. Buy it for $2240 at Net-a-Porter here. Diane Von Furstenberg brings her signature wrap dress in this season's hottest colour. The loose , easy silhouette makes it easy to wear. Beautiful bell sleeves and a V neck does retro very well. Buy it for $425 at Neiman Marcus here.  The most dramatic of the three would be the Proenza Schouler color-blacked dress. The dress is stitched in spiral detail with an asymmetric hem falling to the calves. Buy it for $2100 at Neiman Marcus here

Aug 30, 2011

Fall 2011 trends/Shiny Shoes

Sequin is out, glitter is in.. No, I'm not talking about crafts projects.. While I would have laughed at the idea of wearing glitter covered shoes, the idea of wearing a dark sweater dress, a darker trench and shining by way of shiny glitter shoes does sound appealing. Miu Miu brought out a whole range of glittery, slightly comical shoes..

Aug 27, 2011

Happy days/Zara Sale

If there was one go-to shop for me, it would be Zara. There is something so classy and fun and awesome about their shop, their products and their prices. And when they have a blowout sale, I would be the first person in queue... Check out some of the fantastic stuff they have on sale and check out their even more fantastic prices..

Yeah, thats a lot of trousers.. and all of them for just $9.99 each.. Shop them here. These are merely a few of the many many more they have..  I love the powder pink one.. just love it..

I loved this leopard print blazer and the fire engine red velveteen coat *absolute love* for $39.99 There is even a fall-ready trench.. for $49.99

There are also a lot of belts and shoes.. I  particularly loved these gold tone shoes cross straps and the pink and grey peeptoes.. for $7.99..

P.S: I'm not paid to promote this shop.. I love it so much,  so all this is free publicity for them ;) If anyone from Zara is reading this, I wouldn't mind a pair (or two) of those coloured trousers ;)

Crave/Save - Secrets of Summer..

So many bloggers I see, are waiting desperately for fall.. while here Iam, numbed to my bones by the chill remembering the pleasant days of summer. Cold or no cold, rain or no rain, its upto you to cheer yourself up.. Hence the post..

On those dull grey days, when wearing hot pink is not an option, I would probably opt for these quietly beautiful and cheerful daisy earrings by Alex Munroe.. 22 karat gold plated and so very elegant.I loved the idea that they replaced the yellow of a daisy with gold.. takes it a step further, I think. Just a hint of summer for a bit of warmth  on a cold day. You can buy these from Net-a-Porter for $175 from here.

If $175 does not make you cheerful in anyway, consider this one from Anthropologie.. Not gold plated.. but definitely equally cheerful at $28. Buy them from here

Aug 26, 2011

Rip off nation??

Speaking of rip offs, this David Meister dress has me thrown.. To say it lightly, his $480 dress seems to be inspired A LOT by this Lanvin S/S 2010 dress. So inspired that, they have the same nude satin bodice, black skirt with cascading ruffle detail on the side..  what do you think ? Rip off or well inspired? Of course, you can ignore my comments and just go and buy it ;)

Here is Jennifer Aniston wearing the Lanvin dress.

Photo credit - Redcarpet-Fashionawards.

Aug 25, 2011

Crave/Save - Plaid bags

Out of great love for my reader with a baby, who just absolutely needed a tartan big hold-all messenger bag to stay on trend this season, I worked really hard to find this beauty. For all of you who craved this fantastic plaid messenger bag , here is your low cost alternative.


Its not in my favourite red and black combination..but it still manages to look very good, very sturdy and very on trend. This bag is just perfect in showcasing what I'm trying to do in my crave/save posts..  Not ripping off the original, merely taking inspiration from it. Absolute love..  While all fashion magazines are on slowly composing their plaid editorials, (im looking at you, you must be on your way to shop it, thanks to fingertipfashion, eh?? I know , I know, I'm putting my trumpets away.. Shop this fabulous bag from Zara here for just $49.90

Aug 24, 2011

Plaid mad..

I was curious enough to check out, the men's shopping site from the Net-A-Porter family. Of course they have nothing for women there but that was my idea.. To find something unisex and work it in a feminine way.. (challenging myself ; ), sort of ). They do have the most luscious collection of messenger and weekend bags that I haven't seen even on Net-a-porter... *Absolute love* .. all in warm deep browns, tans and blacks.. But what really caught my eye, was this..

I know I already featured plaid this month.. but who can resist this beauty? I did think it was a little bigger than the usual women's messenger bags but seeing Victoria Beckham cart around her giant suitcase/holdall/handbag, I'm sure this one is a breeze in comparision.. I picture it in an outfit like this..

Pair it with a casual , just thrown look like this ripped denim shorts, white tank, a parka and boots. You could switch around looks with a pair of jeans or trousers or even jumpsuits. Plaid is versatile. Are you mad for plaid yet??

MrPorter - Plaid messenger bag - $240

Zara shorts - $35.90

Zara parka - $99.90

Zara biker boots - $99.90

P.S : has a host of plaid looks to shop in their magazine this week.. Check it out here. Remember where you read it first though ;)

Aug 22, 2011

Sleek Metal...

This last week,  I fell irrevocably in love with Rachel Roy.. Funny, I have never even thought about her much.. But then I saw this fantastic skirt and top. The rest is just pure magic..

I love this metallic striped pencil skirt from Rachel Roy. Its just so beautiful and so perfect for work and parties. I have never been very enthusiastic about tops. They seem dime a dozen but this top really looks ravishing with this skirt. I love wine red and this slit silk blouse shows why. The colour is so deep and regal. Nothign wishy washy about a woman who wears this. Definite fabulous presence. I would accesorise this dress with a DVF  Harper bag which has an ostrich pattern but I doubt its ostrich leather at this price. It matches the deep red of the blouse. Pair it with a pair of these sparkly Jimmy Choos and get ready to set the town on fire.

Rachel Roy silk blouse - $ 325

Rachel Roy metallic skirt - $298

DVF Harper bag - $675

Jimmy Choo metallic peeptoes - $695

Aug 20, 2011

Crave/Save - Electric blue pumps...

There are two stores I would buy almost every product of - Net-A-Porter and Zara. So when I fell in love with this look on Net-a-Porter, I decided to find some lower cost options to recreate this very versatile look. The centre of the look is of course these gorgeous pair of blue shoes. I do love blue shoes.. you can see another outfit that includes them here.

I usually post about how to put together an outfit but when I see perfection, I know enough not to mess with it. This look by Net-A-Porter includes a Theysken's theory top, J Brand Jeans,  Miu Miu belt and Isabel Marant shoes. I recreated the look with this devore t shirt, 5 pocket skinny jeans and electric blue court shoe from Zara. I added this neon green belt from The Limited to finish the look. Loving it head to toe. What about you? How would you wear electric blue shoes?

Click on the respective products to shop them.

Aug 18, 2011

Seeing stars/ Happy August...

I see stars everywhere thanks to Dolce & Gabbana's very popular Fall 2011 Star printed apparel. I've already showed you how you can work this trend here. If your computer is your soul sister and you would like to dress her up, check out this wallpaper I made. I tried to keep it on trend with the fabulous star print of Dolce & Gabbana. Click on the picture to download it for free and make sure your screen is as stylish as you are :D

Aug 17, 2011

Tartan - Check...

I love a good red and black combo. And these two colours look made for each other in tartan. I do love plaid in other colours but red and black just pops. Its a pity only Alexander McQueen and Etoile Isabel Marant thought to use it in their collection this season. But they more than do it justice.

The McQ pouf-skirt dress is just so cute, I'm so in love with it. Pair the dress with black booties for a fun, flirty look. The Etoile Isabel Marant plaid pants are fitted and cropped making it very present day and chic. Pair it with a wide variety of tops.. I picture it with a black top and black high heeled pumps. If the price of these items are not working out in your range, check out this beautiful plaid skirt from Asos. All the look in a very affordable price. Pair it with a sheer black shirt and sandals. How would you wear plaid/tartan??

P.S : Follow me in Twitter and Facebook through the links on the side for regular shopping updates.


Aug 13, 2011

Cape Magic...

Its becoming steadily colder here and where layers are advisable, most of the time, they do end up being  B.O.R.I.N.G. Enter, Capes which IMO are just so jaw droppingly stylish if done right. Here are a few of my favourites this season.

I had to start with this amazing transparent patent leather trimmed cape from Burberry. So stylish and so reminiscent of the Valentino shadow dresses. I love this very chic Alice by Temperly Intarsia Cotton Cape. It looks so stylish and put together. Imagine this cape with a striped top and thick black opaque leggings.. do you like that? Next up is this fantastic and intensely sexy black cape with the leopard trim from Victoria's secret. You do know that I have a great weakness for VS. The models just work the damn things so well. If all these have you glaring at me for always picking up overpriced things, I would gently remind you that this blog is for dreaming first and buying next and then I would present this cape from Asos that will not burn your purse. I love those fastenings and the material. But most of all, I love the fact that its afforadable. I could see myself in all of them.. what about you? Would you rock a cape?

Aug 9, 2011

Spanish steps...

This post is going to be about this fabulous new website "Shabby Apple" that offers dresses based on your shape. Apple, Pear or Hourglass, no matter your shape, shopping is about to become a lot more interesting for you.

P.S: No, I'm not compensated for this. I really think its a fabulous idea to shop based on shape rather than size.

This is one of my favourite dresses from their store. The dress is called "Spanish steps" and it combines an easy to wear fun jersey brown top with a beautiful sateen flower appliqued skirt. I had a feeling, the dress would go perfectly with peeptoes rather than sandals or pumps. I found this cute Pom-Pom adorned brown peep-toe on Zara.

What is even more amazing about this site is that, all dresses are knee length, sleeved and do not show cleavage. Its perfect for a person like me who is never comfortable showing much skin. Whats more, you dont have to add a cardigan, tights or an undershirt to wear the looks you like..

I'm hooked, what about you?

Shabby Apple Spanish Steps dress - $86

Zara brown peep-toes - $9.99

Aug 7, 2011

Quirky Lulu...

I have been fascinated by the Lulu Guinness collection for a long time. Seemed like a good idea to share it with you guys.

Lulu's fun quirky pieces brighten up any wardrobe instantly.. Shown here are the most recognisable "Lips" clutch in a bright red perspex. I adore this girl's face clutch with the "Kim Kardashian" eye makeup and the fantastically red hair and lips.. Just adore it.. its sooo quirky. There are bags with a print of Lulu shops. Also cute is this post card printed bag. I love the accessory bag that says "You can never have too many accessories".. It has this cute collage of a red hat, white gloves, polka dotted bow, Leopard clutcj, pearl necklace and red pumps.. All absolute must-haves in any fashionista's closet.

Red perspex clutch - $350

Lulu store front bags - $465

Postcard bag - $235

Accessories top-zip - $87

Black cherry doll face clutch - $390

Aug 6, 2011

Crave/Save - Star Print...

Continuing our exploration of Fall/11 trends.. We just cannot escape the Dolce and Gabbana star print.. they seem to be everywhere and on everyone. If you must follow the trend, it would be wise to invest in a top with the trademark star print which would serve you well even when the trend has passed.

The star print is available on a variety of apparel including dresses, trousers, tops and shoes. I picked this versatile black blouse with the white star print. Mixing high-street and ordinary pieces is always a good idea, hence pair it with these gorgeous white pants from Zara. I'm convinced that white trousers look super hot with red accessories, hence the Michael by Michael Kors red handbag and high heeled red court shoes with a floral print lining from Zara. The shoes are very reminiscent of D&G, right? If you crave for stars but cannot afford Dolce and Gabbana, Zara offers this very similar top for a much affordable price.

Dolce and Gabbana top - $475

Zara white pants - $19.99

Red court shoes - $49.90

Michael Michael Kors bag - $348

Zara star print top - $59.90

Aug 4, 2011

Orange galore...

I love orange.. it should be kind of obvious if you have been reading this site for some time.. I was extremely happy to see all shades of orange in this year's spring collection.. you would have colour blocked it pairing it with bright pinks and yellow..  Now that fall is approaching fast, you can still wear your oranges cos they are still ruling the runway.. but pair them with beautiful mustards, deep reds, lovely purples..

With Roksanda Ilinsic, Gucci, Miu Miu and even Alexander McQueen (Shocking!!!) all embracing this beautiful colour, my eye was caught by Stella McCartney whose pieces are always unique and fun and who has beautiful separates in this colour.

This bright orange Kelly wool-twill skirt is a beautiful piece that can be dressedup or dressed down and would look perfect in all seasons. For a pre-fall look, pair it with a pleasant pastel blouse like this one from Reed Krakoff. Balance out the bright orange with beautiful deep plum or purple accessories like this Miu Miu faux feather handbag and bow topped peeptoes for a sophisticated on trend look.

Stella McCartney skirt - $695

Reed Krakoff top - $560

Miu Miu bag - $1250

Miu Miu peeptoes - $570

Aug 2, 2011

Red Chic...

If you loved the red ruffled dresses, here is how you can go about styling them. Red dress with black accessories is a known and loved combination but to let the red really pop, pick out nude accessories like the ones below.

The gorgeous Crepe-de-Chine dress in the deep red works beautifully with a clean fuss free J.Crew nude hobo. I picked these nude "Agens" pointy pumps from Jimmy Choo.. I think pointy pumps are really fun.. what do you think?

Miu Miu dress - $990

J.Crew hobo - $300

Jimmy Choo pumps - $495

Aug 1, 2011

Crave/Save it - Red Ruffled Dresses...

Its August atlast...... My happy birthmonth is here and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it than by adding a few tweaks my blog. I've tried to add more structure to it to balance my love for high street fashion and everyday fashion.. Do let me know how you like it in the comments section..

Valentino's Red ruffled silk chiffon dress has been around a while and quite a few celebrities have been seen wearing it. But new on the block is Miu Miu's red ruffled Crepe de chine dress which copies if not in design, in spirit frm the gorgeous Valentino dress. Both dresses are a deep red, bright enough for these last few weeks of summer but dark enough for the Pre-fall season. As lustworthy are these dresses, they do cost the earth so check out the beautiful Asos red ruffled dresses. The dresses come in dark and bright red and feature ruffled necklines, long ruffled sleeves and bow tied waist. Check back later in the week to see how to accessorise and build a look around each of these dresses.

Valentino dress - $3500(told you so!!)

Miu Miu dress - $990

Asos deep red dress - $120.67

Asos bright red dress - $55.16