Dec 1, 2010

Luscious Jewellery..

You may think I'm referring to some cherry pendant or a grape bracelet.. but nah.. I'm never that obvious.. Take a look at this stunning piece of work and tell me if I'm right in calling it luscious..

This stunning stunning jewellery set is crafted is terracotta. The set is painted in LUSCIOUS raspberry, plum, deep pink shades which is offset by the beautiful golden beads. The jewels are practically dripping with colour so rich, it seems to almost bring the mannequin to life. These beautiful pieces are handcrafted by artisans from Bangalore and  brought to you by Sakhi Fashions. The entire set costs INR 2950.00 which is a bit on the higher side but that is to be expected since this is such a unique piece. You can buy this amazing work of art from the following link,


  1. Looks stunning. I am a regular reader of your blog and I must say that the items you feature have been getting better. Do you have affiliation with the products you feature ?

  2. Hey there.. Thank you for reading my blog.. I do not have any affiliation to any of these shops.. I just post the best stuff I find online .. Like finding the diamond in the haystack.. :)


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