Oct 5, 2010

A twist in the tale..

You heard me raving about my love for blue, yellow and checks in the last post. So imagine my joy in finding this dress which is a world apart from the other one but still incorporating the same colours..

Here is a beautiful chic dress, most suitable for a power day at the office. This smart navy blue/grey dress has a shirtstyle top with a kneelength skirt. The fabric is dot printed in the form of checks.. The sleeves are short with cuffs. A thin yellow belt gives definition to your waist.  I love this look.. So versatile and sleek. This dress is yours for INR 1150.00. You can buy this great dress from the following link, 


  1. Rs. 1150 looks expensive for the dress.

  2. I dont know why but classy western wear is expensive in India.. :(

  3. I think the price is not that much. Check out the rest of the collection @ www.femellafashions.com, I think its fairly priced compared to brands like mango and promod.


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