Oct 12, 2010

OTT Goddess...

Diwali is around the corner.. so forgive me if the next few posts are OTT. This is the time where I spend all my hard earned cash throught the year on OTT, gorgeous stuff... I invite you to do the same.. : D

Strappy heels are the ultimate way to show off your pedicured feet. Added beauty are the jewelled embellishments on the upper part of the sandal. The rest of the sandal is a metallic bronze. Jewels for your feet.. ah the thought makes me weak.. This one features blue stones. It also has a red stone variation in  a black and bronze backdrop. I would love to wear the blue silk sari with this. I know matchy matchy is not in.. but i would wear contrasting jewellery to make it work. Plus it would be lovely, a hint of blue sparkle as you rush past the crackers and sparklers. This gorgeous pair of sandals could be yours for INR 1490.00. You can buy them from the following link,

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