Sep 10, 2010

Stealing Marilyn's look..

I love Old Hollywood glamour. So many actors killing it these days but its one of the best looks ever. So I was overjoyed to see celebrity makeup artist Jonas Wramell create a line for achieving this look, exclusively for Oriflame.

The collection consists of a "Beauty Reveal Kit" which is a complexion highlighter with three colours - matte pink, shimmering pink and shimmering beige. The kit retails for INR 259.00. Next is the Oriflame beauty Hollywood Lipstick, (INR 259.00) which is a bright red colour giving you the perfect Hollywood pout. There is a lip liner that compliments the lipstick, "Hollywood Lipliner" which retails for a INR 149.00. You can also get the beautiful " Winged eyes" with the precision eyeliner which is an inkliner. The eyeliner is INR 198.00.  The mascara is not available in India but available in Europe.All prices mentioned are after a 40% introductory discount. So next month the prices will zooming up. Rush and buy it today from an Oriflame consultant. You can ofcourse drool over the pictures for free here.

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  1. thanks for the post. wanted to do old hollywood look for a long time.


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