Sep 5, 2010

Kiss at work..

Its fun to post strappy heels and chunky jewellery.. but life is not just partying.. We all oughta work. Fret not, my dear fashionistas.. I have the perfect bag to spice up ur  dreary "head to work" days..

Oh yes.. Its a fun, flirty sexy, LAPTOP BAG .. This amazing bag with the distinctive "lip prints" is an original Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I just love how it will make you smile every day, while heading to work. I love how feminine and fun it makes carrying a laptop. But most of all i love that its only $98. How much more chiconomic can it get.. So grab it while you can.. You will get more use out of it than a ball gown, I'm sure.. This bag is also available in a blue without the lip prints and a plain black colour. I personally would love to flaunt the lips in my office.. You can work with whatever you like best. This great product is brought to you by Nordstorm. They offer the lowest prices and if you can find a website that offers lower pricing, they are willing to match it. If you are in the US, you can also pick it up from their shop.
This bag and its other versions are available on the following link, 

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