Sep 6, 2010

Green is for Go get it.. :D

I have been looking for something in a very bright green. Something versatile that would brighten up a dull day or a boring dress. I was thinking about a bag or bright green pumps.. but look what i found.. 

 I found this gorgeous standout Weatherproof "Harlequin summer" jacket. Its a beautiful beautiful colour. Its got this beautiful patchwork quilting going on and its so lightweight and so ideal for spring. The collar is a convertible one. Wear it with a mini-skirt or a slick pair of jeans. Either way its a guaranteed winner. You can buy this great jacket from Nordstorm at a 50% discount price of  $33.90. Dont wait too long.. its gonna be gone before you know it. You can buy this jacket at the following link,

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