Sep 6, 2010

>Lipstick glamour..

Remember which blog you are on.. of course I'm not talking about the ones in the tube that u carry in your purse.. I'm talking about .... 


This stunning, heart stopping, adrenaline pumping watch is from De Grisogono. Its appropriately named "the Lipstick Watch". This watch is made of 18k rose gold and the tube is made of 544 rubies of 9.37 carats..  The dial is also made of 18k rose gold and consists of 54 rubies of 1.32 carat. The watch also has a pure emerald version , a white diamond version, a black diamond version and a sapphire version. Well, the price is well above USD $50,000. But somethings are meant to be drooled over.. not bought.. Thats just me.. If you wanna buy it, go ahead. They are available in all the exclusive outlets of De Grisogono.

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