Sep 12, 2010

Turquoise Necklace

The title of the post could mean two things.. Either I'm Na'vi.. or I'm bownled over by's sale  or ..I'm gonna post gorgeous blue things.. ( Ans hint : Its not the first option).

I love turquoise and I'm always looking for pretty little things. This necklace was a best of both worlds. I love the layered chains. I love the turquoise beads. I love the orange and red beads. How awesome would this look with an LBD. I would advise.. Dont go matchy matchy. Pair it with something simple , clean , solid. The necklace will do all the talking for you. This stunning necklace is from Rachel Reinhardt. The necklace is goldplated, with stabilised turquoise, chinese glass and resin beaded strands. The necklace is on a discounted price of US$ 94.49 from its original price of  USD $237.00. That is a whooping 60% discount applicable only today. You can buy this sexy necklace from the following link,

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