Sep 17, 2010

Breakfast at ...

We all wait for the day .. dream about it.. impatiently. The day that little Tiffany's box will reach your hands, rather your finger .. in the form of the most perfect engagement ring. Diamonds are as much about celebrating love as they are about a sign of your individuality. For the modern working woman.. an engagement ring is not the only way to experience the magic of Tiffany's..

There it is... Gorgeous pink sapphires in a sterling silver casing. Your answer to the longing for blue boxes and beautiful things. The sapphires are a 0.16 carat and are from the Elsa Peretti collection. These earrings are for pierced ears. I always think a woman who dares to wear pink is a strong woman who is not afraid to wear her feminity on her sleeve. Pink sapphires are so beautifully feminine.. This beautiful pair of earrings could be yours for US$ 450.00 (free shipping) They can be bought online in the United state.. too bad they dont ship to India.. You  can buy it from the following link,

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