Sep 2, 2010

Break your piggy bank

Most of us are always saving up for something really really special to buy.. well, wait no more... here it is.. A dream come true and a worthy reward for all those months of skimping and saving.. 

A stunning two tone diamond bangle from Caratlane is the diamond online shopping portal of the famous Jaipur Gems. They are certified, non conflict diamonds. What more they are fully insured till they reach you and you can buy it through easy monthly installments. Looking at the bracelet itself, it has a 196 (whoa baby) diamonds set in a pave fashion in a crescent pattern. The diamond weight comes to a total of 1.07 carat. It is made with yellow and white gold which comes to 18.68 grams..  What I love about this bangle is that, its a stand-alone piece..with a bangle as gorgeous as this, u dont need a lot of other accessories.Oh yeah .. and all this beauty comes to you for the price of ... INR88,876. Yeah, you heard me right.. i would say its worth every last penny.. so break your bank for this.. You wont regret it.. 
You can buy this two-tone bracelet from the follwing link..