Sep 22, 2010

Bali black magic..

Accessories are the best. So small , so pretty and add so much beauty to your outfit. And when they are traditional designs with a modern twist.. there can only be one result - pure glamour .. 


These are traditional "Bali" inspired hanging earrings suitable for pierced ears. The beautiful black disc is made of the material which is all the rage here in India - Terracota. As the name would indicate , it has a rustic earthy feel which is beautifully complimented by golden beads at the ends. These earrings would go so well with traditional outfits - a black and gold lehenga or a silk sari perhaps. But what is great is, it would also bring a lot of pizazz to a western outfit - a cocktail gown or a white summer dress .. The best of all is the price of course. Its a steal at INR 950.00 brought to you by the the always sexy Sakhi Fashion. You can buy these lovely earrings from the following link, 

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