Sep 24, 2010

Pink Lotus..

Roses maybe the most romantic flower of all time but you cannot underestimate the silent and sheer beauty and elegance of a lotus.. 

These beautiful pink earrings are in a traditional flower motif in the famed Moghal style. They are encrusted with pink quartz and pearls. The earrings are gold-plated and are suitable for pierced earrings. This is a beautiful accessory for any evening dress - indian or western. The earrings are designed by Madhvi Mehra and is avaialble for INR 6400.00 You can buy these enchanting earrings from the following link,

Paint the town..

When she says "I think you should totally go with the red, its the colour of confidence" in Legally Blonde... She was right.. Nothing spells confidence and sexiness than a woman in red. I've been hunting for the perfect red dress at the perfect price for sometime now.. Hope you love this one as much as i do.. 

I adore this dress.. Its a beautiful versatile colour, fit and length.  The length falls at your knees.. Not too short, not too long - just the right length to be sexy and elegant. The fitted silhouette hugs you at all the right places. A modestly deep neckline and straps that are mini cap sleeves. A beautiful beautiful look throughout. The fabric is a Nylon/spandex mix. This dress is from Nordstorm , so you also get the lowest price guarantee. Speaking of prices, this stunning dress is US$ 118.00. You can buy it from the store directly or online from the following link, 

Sep 22, 2010

Bali black magic..

Accessories are the best. So small , so pretty and add so much beauty to your outfit. And when they are traditional designs with a modern twist.. there can only be one result - pure glamour .. 


These are traditional "Bali" inspired hanging earrings suitable for pierced ears. The beautiful black disc is made of the material which is all the rage here in India - Terracota. As the name would indicate , it has a rustic earthy feel which is beautifully complimented by golden beads at the ends. These earrings would go so well with traditional outfits - a black and gold lehenga or a silk sari perhaps. But what is great is, it would also bring a lot of pizazz to a western outfit - a cocktail gown or a white summer dress .. The best of all is the price of course. Its a steal at INR 950.00 brought to you by the the always sexy Sakhi Fashion. You can buy these lovely earrings from the following link, 

Sep 20, 2010

Dress up your feet...

Embellishments can liven up any outfit.. And when they are on your feet, think of what a statement you are gonna make with them.. 

These quirky embellished thong sandals are from Metro shoes. My usual style is not quirky but i adore this piece for its stand-alone value. Consider pairing it with a plain black knee length ruffled skirt.. The sandal has a denim upper part with a zipper back closure to ensure ft. It sure would give guys a great way to break the ice with yo, wouldn't it?  You can buy these delightful and playful sandals for  INR 1090.00. Yet another way to liven up those blue days.. no pun intended .. :)   you can buy these sandals from the following link,

Sep 19, 2010

When was the last time you loved Pomegranates?

Its about time you did.. cos I'm in love with this wonderful, sexy, elegant, ethereal dress by none other than the highly talented Tadash Shoji...

Love at first sight , it was. This sexy pomegranate coloured dress is by Tadashi Shoji. It is a made of crinkled silk chiffon featuring a sweetheart neckline. The spaghetti straps are adjustable. There is elegant pleating in the bodice and flyaway split chiffon panels in the skirt. Tadoshi Shoji is known for fabulous evening gowns and red carpet masterpieces. Hurry and buy this dress because there is only one piece left and the sale is just for a day. This elegant dress s yours for US$ 139.19 down from its original price of US$ 309.00. I know, I know, its unbelievable.. So HURRY... you can buy the dress from the following link,

Shine and sparkle..

A black jacket is a versatile piece .. one of the solid investments you can make in fashion. When the jacket is as stunning as this.. you have a priceless companion.. something that makes you look good every time you wear it.. 

This stunning cropped jacket is by Robert Rodriguez - designers to A listers like Eva Longaria and Heidi Klum. It has a jewelled trim opening and hem. Closed by 5 hook closures. It has an elegant cap sleeve and layered twill strips which looks so soft and feminine. It has an anytime wear appeal - dresses up a plain day outfit, blings up an evening wear. If I wear you, I would rush to buy this because this jacket is only US$ 115.19 .. that is 70% off its retail price of US$ 396.00. The offer is limited , so hurry. You can buy this fabulous cropped jacket from the following link ,

Sep 17, 2010

Breakfast at ...

We all wait for the day .. dream about it.. impatiently. The day that little Tiffany's box will reach your hands, rather your finger .. in the form of the most perfect engagement ring. Diamonds are as much about celebrating love as they are about a sign of your individuality. For the modern working woman.. an engagement ring is not the only way to experience the magic of Tiffany's..

There it is... Gorgeous pink sapphires in a sterling silver casing. Your answer to the longing for blue boxes and beautiful things. The sapphires are a 0.16 carat and are from the Elsa Peretti collection. These earrings are for pierced ears. I always think a woman who dares to wear pink is a strong woman who is not afraid to wear her feminity on her sleeve. Pink sapphires are so beautifully feminine.. This beautiful pair of earrings could be yours for US$ 450.00 (free shipping) They can be bought online in the United state.. too bad they dont ship to India.. You  can buy it from the following link,

Sep 16, 2010

Heart the Bag..

I know spring is almost over.. but wouldn't you love to hold it back in your hands and never let it out.Ok, yeah didnt hide it too well.. course I'm not talking about spring.. I'm talking abt this wowzaa bag ..

This colourful summer tote is from Ted Baker. The braided straw exterior is so sunny and playful and is perfected by the printed silk on the handles. The bag is also lined with silk. The bag is open-top but has a zip closure inside for valuables. The bag is also available in bright blue and you can buy it from Nordstorm You can buy it online or choose to pick it up from the store. This pretty summer tote can be yours for US$ 72.90. You can buy it from the following link,

Sep 12, 2010

Turquoise Necklace

The title of the post could mean two things.. Either I'm Na'vi.. or I'm bownled over by's sale  or ..I'm gonna post gorgeous blue things.. ( Ans hint : Its not the first option).

I love turquoise and I'm always looking for pretty little things. This necklace was a best of both worlds. I love the layered chains. I love the turquoise beads. I love the orange and red beads. How awesome would this look with an LBD. I would advise.. Dont go matchy matchy. Pair it with something simple , clean , solid. The necklace will do all the talking for you. This stunning necklace is from Rachel Reinhardt. The necklace is goldplated, with stabilised turquoise, chinese glass and resin beaded strands. The necklace is on a discounted price of US$ 94.49 from its original price of  USD $237.00. That is a whooping 60% discount applicable only today. You can buy this sexy necklace from the following link,

Strut your stuff

I felt bad for all you guys who are not from India and who loves those black shoes.. so here you go. Your very own awesome black shoes.. 


There you go.. Stunning open toed sandals with satin and lace. These sexy shoes are form Charles by Charles David. It has a 4 and 3/4th inch heel with a 1 inch platform. The closure is a Snap closure with an elasticated inlay. The shoe is also available in a "nude" colour with black lace overlay. Such a versatile shoe that would work for a day look or an evening look. I know..And as if this is not just a dream come true, the shoes are for a USD $52.49 which is a massively discounted price on blue from its original retail price of  USD $125.00. While you are gaping at the price, remeber it is selling out like hot cakes. Rush and buy it from the following link as only a few pieces are left..

Sep 10, 2010

Stealing Marilyn's look..

I love Old Hollywood glamour. So many actors killing it these days but its one of the best looks ever. So I was overjoyed to see celebrity makeup artist Jonas Wramell create a line for achieving this look, exclusively for Oriflame.

The collection consists of a "Beauty Reveal Kit" which is a complexion highlighter with three colours - matte pink, shimmering pink and shimmering beige. The kit retails for INR 259.00. Next is the Oriflame beauty Hollywood Lipstick, (INR 259.00) which is a bright red colour giving you the perfect Hollywood pout. There is a lip liner that compliments the lipstick, "Hollywood Lipliner" which retails for a INR 149.00. You can also get the beautiful " Winged eyes" with the precision eyeliner which is an inkliner. The eyeliner is INR 198.00.  The mascara is not available in India but available in Europe.All prices mentioned are after a 40% introductory discount. So next month the prices will zooming up. Rush and buy it today from an Oriflame consultant. You can ofcourse drool over the pictures for free here.

Strut your stuff..

Heels are the ultimate boost to your confidence. Quite literally so. Every girl should own a versatile pair that goes with almost everything. Today, I give you a basic black high heeled sandal. Oh well , who am I kidding..I dont do basic..  Its a sexy sexy black woven high heeled sandal. Its so sexy it brings out the Megan Fox in me.. 

 These stunning shoes come from Metro Shoes. The top portion has this sexy crossed over woven design. The back is covered by a flap with a zipper closure. I love how these shoes will wrap around your feet making them look leaner. So we wont have the "duck feet" problem. And I love the zip closure at the back rather than a plain elasticated strap. Overall its a classic leg lengthening shoe that would be valuable if you wanna look longer and leaner. You can buy these fierce heels from  any of the branches of Metro Shoes for INR 1290.00. You can also buy it form the following link,

Sep 9, 2010

Wrapped with beauty..

Yes.. thats how our lives should be .. But philosophy is far from my mind when I'm looking at this very very material possession which is my latest crush..

Jackets are so lovely. It lets you keep warm, be modest, make a style statement, turn heads and just plainly show off un-apologetically. And this beautiful blue jacket with Jacquard work is the epitome of all things that make people gape at you. Just picture yourself, wrapped in this stunning jacket with a versatile black dress underneath. it brings the spotlight to you. The jacket is made of Silk Jacquard and it can be yours for INR 1125.00 down from original price of INR 2250.00. So buy it now from Femella Fashion. Here is the link.. Love you all.. Look forward to more beauty.. :)

Sep 8, 2010

Orange Roses..

I love roses.. abstract ones, actual ones, print ones.. i love them all.. so imagine my utter joy when i stumbled across these stunning shoes.. in Orange...

This beautiful, sexy sandal is made of soft Nappa leather. The leather is pleated to form an adorable rose on the toe... which obviously I'm in love with. This exquisite piece is crafted by Martinez Valero. The "Corono" Sandal is also available in black and nude. Personally I think the orange is too unique to pass. It has a 4 inch heel that is sure to have you walking tall and proud. Now comes the interesting part,
 The shoe is available in Nordstorm for US $174.95. It is available in all these colours plus turquoise in for US$ 94.71. And wonder of wonders, all colours plus super saver free shipping is available on Amazon for    ....    US$ 47.95  . The options are so that you can choose whichever website you are comfortable with. Here are the links.. link  -

Sep 7, 2010

Golden dreams..

As the price of gold rises skyward here in India.. I know you are going to be disappointed with me for posting this.. Just hold on a minute and look at the beauty. You will agree with me that this is an investment.. a heirloom that can be passed on to the next generation .. because , trust me, these earrings will be in vogue 50 years from now too.

Jhumkas are an eternal favorite of mine. This one is a 22k gold masterpiece from VBJ Jewellers. It features a traditional peacock design worked in a delicate filigree pattern. The Jhumkas end in a lace like row of tiny golden droplets. The jhumka is designed in the form of a bell with a large golden drop found inside the outer cupola. With a weight of 52.260 gms, its light enough to sway in the breeze which is why Jhumkas are loved anyway.  You would agree that it is an ageless design and a sound investment. It would go with every ethnic outfit you will every buy and some western clothes too if you accessorise carefully. You can buy this beautiful Earring Set from Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers for INR 92,140. Please check for the latest prices as the prices on the website may not have been updated. You can have a look at this here,

Sep 6, 2010

>Lipstick glamour..

Remember which blog you are on.. of course I'm not talking about the ones in the tube that u carry in your purse.. I'm talking about .... 


This stunning, heart stopping, adrenaline pumping watch is from De Grisogono. Its appropriately named "the Lipstick Watch". This watch is made of 18k rose gold and the tube is made of 544 rubies of 9.37 carats..  The dial is also made of 18k rose gold and consists of 54 rubies of 1.32 carat. The watch also has a pure emerald version , a white diamond version, a black diamond version and a sapphire version. Well, the price is well above USD $50,000. But somethings are meant to be drooled over.. not bought.. Thats just me.. If you wanna buy it, go ahead. They are available in all the exclusive outlets of De Grisogono.

Green is for Go get it.. :D

I have been looking for something in a very bright green. Something versatile that would brighten up a dull day or a boring dress. I was thinking about a bag or bright green pumps.. but look what i found.. 

 I found this gorgeous standout Weatherproof "Harlequin summer" jacket. Its a beautiful beautiful colour. Its got this beautiful patchwork quilting going on and its so lightweight and so ideal for spring. The collar is a convertible one. Wear it with a mini-skirt or a slick pair of jeans. Either way its a guaranteed winner. You can buy this great jacket from Nordstorm at a 50% discount price of  $33.90. Dont wait too long.. its gonna be gone before you know it. You can buy this jacket at the following link,

Sep 5, 2010

Its Spring in Africa..

Is it , really? I'm not sure but those are the two words that come to my mind when I look at this dress.. I'm not a great fan of jumpsuits. I love their idea and ease of wear but most jumpsuits just look wrong .. especially in the crotch area. All this just went out of the window since I saw this..

 Rejoice , you Marc Jacobs fans.. Its a double whammy today. This "Dashiki stripe cotton jumpsuit" is from the spring/summer 2010 collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs. I adore this dress.. It looks effortlessly pretty and chic. The sunflower yellow is so summery. the pockets are so flirty and fun. The sleeves, the neckline, the fitting, the length of the jumpsuit all look so comfortable and well finished. 
I love this Dashiki design too which is seen all through this collection. I'm gonna be looking out for more deals with this print in this collection, so stay tuned to this blog. In the meantime, you can buy this without even breaking your bank for a US$ 245.90 from Nordstorm. Its down from the original price of US$ 368. As I mentioned in my previous post, Nordstorm claims they have the lowest prices. So I made a search, this jumpsuit is also available in but its for a GBP 414 which comes to US$ 639.50. So i guess Nordstorm is correct in its claim.
You can buy this dress from the following link,

Kiss at work..

Its fun to post strappy heels and chunky jewellery.. but life is not just partying.. We all oughta work. Fret not, my dear fashionistas.. I have the perfect bag to spice up ur  dreary "head to work" days..

Oh yes.. Its a fun, flirty sexy, LAPTOP BAG .. This amazing bag with the distinctive "lip prints" is an original Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I just love how it will make you smile every day, while heading to work. I love how feminine and fun it makes carrying a laptop. But most of all i love that its only $98. How much more chiconomic can it get.. So grab it while you can.. You will get more use out of it than a ball gown, I'm sure.. This bag is also available in a blue without the lip prints and a plain black colour. I personally would love to flaunt the lips in my office.. You can work with whatever you like best. This great product is brought to you by Nordstorm. They offer the lowest prices and if you can find a website that offers lower pricing, they are willing to match it. If you are in the US, you can also pick it up from their shop.
This bag and its other versions are available on the following link, 

Sep 4, 2010

A slice of pure mango heaven..

I usually love love love the products i feature here.. Today's feature stumped me.. I don't love it.. I'm lusting after it.. 

This stunning sexy necklace is set in the very traditional "Mango mala" design. The design maybe centuries old, but its is so versatile, you could easily wear this with an ethnic kurti or a black sari and a stunning orange backless choli perhaps?? Even the earrings alone could bring alive a plain LBD. The necklace and earrings are made of terracotta. So handle gently. Its a beautiful handworked piece from artisans in Bangalore. So you would be thrilled to find you can actually own a piece that is such a reflection of the ancient Indian jewellery design. This slice of heaven could be yours for INR 3250 and its is brought to you by Sakhi Fashions. The shipping is free in India while other countries may have to pay extra. So go ahead and paint the town red (and orange, we may say ! ). You can buy this necklace and earrings from the following link,

Sep 3, 2010

BAG borrow steal... :P

Yeah baby.. Its time for the gorgeous bag find.. It would be easy to start of with Hermes or Louis Vuitton but me being me.. I'm gonna show you the most beautiful Indian bag ever.. 

   This awesome bag is from Holii , a part of Hidesign. It features these beautiful, mehendi coloured, indian heritage steeped bags. I just adore the peacock and the traditional mango motifs on the bag. Love it.. These bags are made by Indian Artisans and they use vegetable tanned leather and handcrafter fabrics. This brand is brought to you by Pantaloons India. This sexy satchel style is also available in blue, brown and red.. Everyone of them as lovable as this. The MRP is INR 2095 but you can buy it on sale for INR 1781 from the following link.. I know , I know.. the good things keep on coming .. 
Here is the shopping link,

Sep 2, 2010

Break your piggy bank

Most of us are always saving up for something really really special to buy.. well, wait no more... here it is.. A dream come true and a worthy reward for all those months of skimping and saving.. 

A stunning two tone diamond bangle from Caratlane is the diamond online shopping portal of the famous Jaipur Gems. They are certified, non conflict diamonds. What more they are fully insured till they reach you and you can buy it through easy monthly installments. Looking at the bracelet itself, it has a 196 (whoa baby) diamonds set in a pave fashion in a crescent pattern. The diamond weight comes to a total of 1.07 carat. It is made with yellow and white gold which comes to 18.68 grams..  What I love about this bangle is that, its a stand-alone piece..with a bangle as gorgeous as this, u dont need a lot of other accessories.Oh yeah .. and all this beauty comes to you for the price of ... INR88,876. Yeah, you heard me right.. i would say its worth every last penny.. so break your bank for this.. You wont regret it.. 
You can buy this two-tone bracelet from the follwing link.. 

Sep 1, 2010

Passion in Bloom...

Wearing a Sari might be a challenge for most.. But the effort is worth it, when you get to wear something so beautiful.

This artistic creation is from RMKV. The sari is Crepe-Jacquard, hence lightweight and wraps around your body showing off your curves. The peachy pink shade is complimented by beautiful big maroon marigold motif. The pallav and the body contain the motifs while the rest of the body showcases the jacquard designs. Just something you wear on a lazy day but still wanna look effortlessly sexy. Pull up your hair and get some light jewellery, and you have a stunner looking at you from the mirror. So go ahead and discover your love for the sexy, elegant traditional sari..
You can buy this for INR 730 from the follwing link..