Aug 31, 2010

Blue with envy..

Being people with big hearts(!) , I know you guys love to give gifts.. The problem here is when u dont know what to gift people. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, housewarming.. HOUSEWARMING.. Toughest of the lot, I guess.. Well , not anymore.. 

This beautiful peacock keychain is from Juicy Couture, a brand with the funkiest designs on the planet. It is a enamel peacock with assorted studded rhinestones , a heart shaped key lock. It also has the words SHOW OFF inscribed at the back. LOL.. As if you needed to be reminded. Consider gifting for a housewarming party. I would love to gift it to a new bride just to see her face light up. And all this beauty is for a $48. You can buy it from International delivery has an additional charge of $10.Im so in love with this keychain. You can buy it from the following link.

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